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02-19-2009, 06:57 AM
Ex-partner: D. Wade’s condo used for sex parties

A former business partner of Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is telling Page2Live that he saw remnants of sex parties at a Miami Beach apartment used by the married Wade and his entourage.

What’s more, says Euro blue-blood Baron Richard Von Houtman, he witnessed on two occasions Wade puffing away on marijuana cigarettes, once with a teammate.

D. Wade and Richard Von Houtman in happier times

And in 2007, Von Houtman made sure an embarrassing traffic accident that Wade caused in his Maybach would be kept hush-hush.

Wade’s publicist, Lisa Joseph, e-mailed this statement Monday afternoon: “It’s a shame that a disgruntled former business associate is peddling these fairy tales to fit his own personal agenda.”

Von Houtman’s revelations come as the image of perfection that Wade has been building since his 2003 arrival into the NBA is being shattered. He remains one of the league’s most popular players the world over, and he’s headed to the All-Star Game in Phoenix Sunday.

But his soon-to-be-ex wife, Siohvaughn, recently claimed in a motion made in their divorce case in their native Chicago that her hubby of eight years gave her an undisclosed STD caught outside the marriage. She also said Wade, who was known as one of the most religious Heat players, abandoned her and their two sons.

Wade’s attorney in the divorce, Jim Pritkin, called the claims false and said Monday that Siohvaughn withdrew the motion that included the accusations.

No matter, says Von Houtman, what the public sees in Wade just isn’t there.

“The man isn’t what people worldwide think he is,” Von Houtman said Sunday in an extensive interview. “He and his friends are just a bunch of idiots. I mean, I’m in Chicago at a charity party in 2007, and weed is being passed around and Wade takes a hit. In front of everybody.

“I got sucked into doing business with him because he has a first-class media persona, the new Michael Jordan. He was that good guy, father-of-the-year, celebrity who had his head on his shoulder. I found out after a year he was not like that.”

Von Houtman says that, for most of 2007 and into 2008, he rented for $20,000 a $1.7 million, two-story apartment in the Spear Building on Miami Beach’s Allison Island. He turned it over to Wade and his childhood friend Marcus Andrews to use as headquarters for their marketing company, Wade Global Enterprises. Business, however, may not have been all that took place there.

Wasn't always this clean. D. Wade's love nest

“It was a four-bedroom place on the first floor of a high-rise,” said Von Houtman, who through 2007 met with Wade and/or Andrews almost daily. “One day, I got a call from my cleaning crew at the apartment. I went down there and what I saw was disgusting. The apartment was trashed, filthy, and it wasn’t the first time.”

Von Houtman described used condoms on the floor of the bedrooms, obvious signs of sexual activities on all the beds, empty champagne and hard-liquor bottles, nearly-finished blunts and half-eaten food rotting on tables and furniture.

“They’d have these parties in there two or three times a week,” Von Houtman said. “There were always dozens of people in there. Rappers, Dwyane and his entourage, women they’d pick up in clubs.”

Even though commodities trader Von Houtman was never invited, he said he was told several times Wade attended most of the wild shindigs. At times, Dwyane came with galpal and C-list dwelling actress Gabrielle Union.

“They (Wade and Andrews) both made it clear to me how their goal in life is to have sex with as many women as possible,” Von Houtman said.

Link (http://www.page2live.com/2009/02/09/ex-partner-d-wades-condo-used-for-sex-parties/)

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Pretty disgusting stuff.

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That's pretty foul.

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