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04-13-2001, 02:20 PM
We have another heated debate about who's better, Fin or Dirk, etc...I started a new thread because I didn't want the other to get lost. LAMCHOP was wanting numbers or something and why Finley is shooting 3's better or something, he rambled on so much I got confused, add that with my low IQ in basketball, well, you know...I just checked the last 10 games and looked at free throw attempts and 3-pointers between the 2 and there about even.

Finley Free throws 41-51 (80.39%)
Finley 3-pointers 18-45 (40%)

Dirk Free Throws 57-70 (81.42%)
Dirk 3-pointers 24-60 (40%)

Finley was shooting around 26% in 3 land and has gotten it up to 32.9% for the season, while Dirk went from around 43% to 39.9%

Finley is averaging 77.9% at the line for the season and Dirk is at 84.4%

What does it mean? Finley is getting a bit better at going to the line but has much more room to improve in that area. Dirk has slipped only a little if you could call it that, nothing to complain about obviously. As for the 3-pointers, Fin is being more selective I guess or is just better under pressure out there. Dirk has stayed the same basically.

Now, Im going to lunch with friends but should be back online for the game. Im sure LAMCHOP will have something to knock Finley about while singing the praise of Dirk, I'll just have to hold my breath until I get back to see what he has posted for us that have no basketball knowledge. But, that's ok guys because he'll shed some light for us.

04-13-2001, 03:04 PM
Read more than one thread and you will see where i knocked finley and dirk for not driving and dirk for his defense.

this came up because i simply asked why is finley's three point percentage so low this season? and all i got were smart ass replys

now, if you would have said "poor shot selection" or extended slump for the first three quarters of the year, i would have said ok. but instead, i get smart ass responses ..so, i have no problem with being a smart ass in return.

moron, i never said that finley wasn't shooting the three better of late. i was curious as to see why some of you thought he struggled soooo much early in the year from three. that's it. damn, don't be so defensive until i'm offensive..

04-13-2001, 05:08 PM
Uhhh... who REALLY cares who is better Fin or Dirk? I love them both and will continue to root for them both! This whole debate is crazy unless you are at the mall trying to decide who's jersey to buy. Compare Dirk and Paul Peirce or something like that. I hate seeing this site turn into a Lakers forum... comparing Kobe to Shaq is crazy.

Flying Tiger
04-13-2001, 11:38 PM
For real....goistar. They're both great and the team probably wouldn't be where they are today if we didn't have them both. Anyways, it's too hard to compair players that don't play the same position.