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12-17-2011, 01:23 AM
Just basing on regular season record
1. OKC (youth should help in back-back-back)
2. Dallas
3. Memphis (not completley sold but see a significant drop off after dallas)
4. LAL
5. SAS
6. LAC
7. Den
8. Por
9. Utah
10. Hou
11. GS
12. Pho
13. Minny
14. NO
15. Sac

1. Chi
2. Miami
3. Bos
4. Indiana (my sleeper)
5. NY
6. Orl
7. Philly
8. ATL
9. NJ
10. Mil
11. Wash
12. Tor
13. Detr
14. Cleve
15. Charl (worst team in NBA)

12-17-2011, 05:14 PM
I'll comment without having studied the schedules, which could make a big difference in all of this.

Your rankings for the top of the West look pretty good to me. OKC's young with good offseason continuity, so they should get off to a good start and be able to ride the legs of their three best players more than other teams can afford to. Dallas is in the opposite camp, and may take a while to find their groove, but once they do they probably have the best depth of talent of any team and that should serve them well enough to secure the 2nd seed. Memphis and LAL seem like safe bets for the 3/4 seeds, though I wouldn't be surprised to see the Clips make a push for #5 and even challenge the Lakers a little bit. I can't help but think back to the way Phoenix took off when Nash went there as I look for a precedent for how the CP trade will work out. LAC isn't as top-heavy talent-wise as the Suns were back then, and I don't expect the Clips to try to duplicate the style D'antoni had Phoenix playing, but their half-court offensive execution figures to be formidable with Chris Paul on board. SA's certainly capable of finishing 5th or higher, but I think Pop manages minutes to bring them in lower and better rested. No idea with Denver. Too many quality free agents of theirs with uncertain futures right now.

In the East, I'd be reluctant to slot Boston higher than 6th (see Spurs). They're going to have to manage minutes something fierce. I'm with you on liking Indiana's chances at a good year, though. Definitely see Chicago as the top seed over there. Miami should be able to get Wade and Lebron adequate rest with the addition of Battier, but Chicago's frontcourt depth is far superior, and if Rip can bounce back even a little I think he'll be a nice fit at SG for them, which should be enough to clinch it.