View Full Version : Michael Jordan and the Wizards Draft.

06-25-2002, 08:47 AM
So ESPNNEWS did this assinine story about how the faux-Wizards GM was concerned about having MJ's decision whether or not to play next year and whether or not to start in time for the draft.

Stupidest F'ing story ever. Stupid because it is just a bad excuse to mention Jordan's name in a story and a stupid way to fabricate a news story when there is none. As if the Wizards (and who here really thinks that the "GM" of the wizards will actually decide who the Wizards draft?) are really going to hinge their draft decisions on whether MJ will come back and play a max. of one year and possibly back up Hamilton.

"Well we were going to draft a 2-guard, but because MJ is going to come back and play 20 minutes a game this year and then retire forever, we can go address our other needs." Brilliant.