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08-22-2002, 11:56 PM
i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif edit that: I mean 6 blocks

........but the USA beat China 84-54

lol. I take back what I said about Yao. The guy has some game. He swatted JOneil, Antonio Davis and that college boy(twice), Nick Collision?

From the limited footage I saw, Ming wasn't dominant, but didn't give up much ground to the USA players. Jay Williams took him to the hole and jammed it, but Ming let him go at the last second. Finley and I think ADavis hammered Ming pretty hard going to the basket.

Marion put on a highlight show.

Finley was the leading scorer at the half with like 12 points, I don't know what he finished with.

08-23-2002, 08:10 AM
it was 11 rebounds mate,just for the record.
5-12 from the field too.
good game for that skinny china man,faidaways and everything.

08-23-2002, 08:45 AM
He finished wiht 19 points.

08-23-2002, 02:02 PM
<< it was 11 rebounds mate,just for the record.
5-12 from the field too.
good game for that skinny china man,faidaways and everything. >>

I wouldn't be suprised, but ESPN did report Ming's stats at the end of the game as:

13 points
10 reb
4 blocks
1 steal

Houston's talk forum is all over ESPN for not giving Ming more respect and reporting incorrect stats.

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Yao Ming sold out the building, though it would be a stretch to say he brought down the house.

Yao had some good and bad moments Thursday night playing his first game in the United States, getting held to 13 points and 11 rebounds as the Chinese national team lost 84-54 to the U.S. team.

A crowd of 19,873, many of them cheering for China, watched Yao do a little of everything -- positive and negative. Yao swatted away six shots and denied Antonio Davis the honor of being the first American to dunk on him, but he also blew a dunk of his own and struggled when he was defended by Ben Wallace.

Yao finished 5-for-12 from the field, and he was unafraid to push back when the Americans tried to push him outside. He missed his only 3-point shot and committed five turnovers, but he also showed some nice offensive moves and a silky touch on his turnaround jumper.

Yao emerged unscathed after Wallace landed on top of him after Yao faked Wallace off his feet in the third quarter. And with just 8 seconds left in the game, Yao had an opportunity to challenge Jay Williams as the American player drove to the basket. Instead, he chose not to contest the shot and let Williams in for a dunk.

Michael Finley led the U.S. team with 19 points, Shawn Marion scored 14, Jermaine O'Neal 12 and Reggie Miller 10.

The biggest surprise of the night might have been the size of the crowd.

Yao proved himself to be quite a gate attraction, and the Golden State Warriors flashed advertisements on the scoreboard offering a &quot;Great Wall Plan&quot; for regular-season tickets. &quot;Get Yao Now&quot; was the slogan.

Yao missed his first shot, a turnaround one-hander, but then made his next three -- a pair of mid-range jumpers and a follow dunk off a miss. He missed a 3-pointer and committed a double-dribble violation after showing some quick hands to intercept a pass, finishing the first quarter with six points and four rebounds.

Yao had little success in the second quarter dealing with Wallace, who had vowed that the U.S. team would play rough with Yao to test his toughness.

Wallace twice poked the ball out of Yao's hands as he held it high over his head, turning one of the deflections into a breakaway dunk. Yao pumped his first after hitting a 15-footer over Wallace late in the quarter, but that was his only basket of the period.

Yao set a hard pick on Miller early in the third quarter that brought U.S. coach George Karl off the bench to complain. Later, he hit a long turnaround jumper over Antonio Davis and then blocked a dunk by Davis at the other end.

Michael Finley eluded Yao's reach for a reverse layup that gave the United States a 69-40 lead early in the fourth, and Davis was especially physical in defending Yao to force him into a missed jumper moments later.

Yao had three of his blocks in the final few minutes.

U.S. forward Elton Brand did not play because of a mild sprain of his right knee.

China was without 7-footer Wang Zhizhi, who flew in from Los Angeles earlier in the day and met with team officials at the arena in an effort to be placed back on the active roster. Wang angered the Chinese federation earlier this summer by refusing to return home for national team training.

&quot;I'm ready to go. It's just a matter of them saying yes, or not,&quot; said Wang, who said he would await word from Chinese sports officials in Beijing.

08-24-2002, 09:19 AM
Lots of positive reviews on Yao's debut--some of them glowing.

Will be interesting to hear LaF's impressions*, given that he can count on checking out Yao's armpits for years to come. Damn, damn, damn. Once again, the Rockets will have a high-rise center, while Mavericks are stuck with a strip mall.

(*If any local media think to interview him...c'mon, Valade...here's a story idea for you.)