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08-23-2002, 08:24 PM
1. Will always be Antwan Jamison
2. Jerry Stackhouse
3. Jamaal Mashburn
4. Ben Wallace
5. John Stockton

Now I know some of ya'll might disagree with some of these. But think about it. If they weren't underrated, why wasn't any of them in the all-star game. And 3 of them, i won't say which 3, should have been in at least the top 15 NBA Mvp ratings.

Red White and Blue
08-24-2002, 01:19 AM
I see 2 maybe that would be top 3, in Wallace and Stackhouse but noone else IMO.

08-24-2002, 06:46 AM
not true,first of,antwan is underrated becuase his not that good,he gets what he deserves.
my list is first of all: 1) mashburn,nobody knows he was the glew he hold the hornets together.
2)stockton,the best pg since magic,simple as that,he works his players so good,its incredible,the man is what?39?he still has more than 8 apg!!!!!
thats it,ben wallace underrated????what the fuck are you talking about??ppl know him as the defender of the year,thats all he is!he got his 13 rpg,and 3.5 bpg,thats all,he got 4 ppg!!!!!i can do better,ben got what he deserves.
stackhouse is overrated!i think he slowed down the pistons for alot of years,the only player he saw was him,and dont get me going on his field percantage!
if you want another underrated,reggie is one of them. playoff beast.he beated jersey alone!last year he was even more amazing,i remember two 50+ games from a man who avraged 19!
think about it.

08-24-2002, 10:11 AM
Lol I honestly would put the whole BIG 3 up instead of these guys. i think the only guy u were correct on was Mash. Ben Wallace gets alot of hype he isnt underrated some would argue overrated because he cant shoot. Mash can do what other players at his position can do but the problem is he is hurt. In the playoffs that was his time ot shine but couldnt because he was hurt or sick i forget which one it was. I didnt see Stocktons name and yes he is underrated but when u see the guy for 15 years doing the same thing over and over it gets a bit tiresome. Dont get me wrong I rate him as a top 5 point guard and probaly the best pg in the game when it comes to running a squad but its nothing new from waht we see from him and thast why he is underrated.

08-24-2002, 03:38 PM
Ben Wallace gets an awful lot of hype and attention these days...

08-26-2002, 09:15 AM
Madape's five most underrated

1) Shawn Bradley
2) Brent Barry
3) Jeff Foster
4) Christian Laettner
5) Austin Croshere

Madape's five most overrated

1. Antwan Jamison
2. Jerry Stackhouse
3. Jamaal Mashburn
4. Ben Wallace
5. John Stockton

Base Line Guy
08-26-2002, 12:39 PM
you can always count on Madape to f*ck up the Bradley curve.

For the record Jamison is WAY over-rated, along with Stackhouse, & Mashburn.


08-26-2002, 01:08 PM

Bobby Jackson
Darrell Armstrong
Ervin Johnson
Bob Sura
Jeff Foster
Wally World

Antoine Walker
Vince Carter
Steve Francis

08-26-2002, 01:43 PM
Ervin Johnson underrated???? That could be the funniest thing I've read on this board in a while.

08-26-2002, 02:18 PM
See what I mean? Nobody appreicates his contribution as a defensive anchor. It gets totally overlooked. He's definitely underrated.

08-26-2002, 02:41 PM
Kobe? LOL.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 03:34 PM
I agree that Jamison, Mash and Stack are underrated.

08-26-2002, 05:01 PM
<< I agree that Jamison, Mash and Stack are underrated. >>

I agree that Jamison, Mash and Stack are overrated.

08-26-2002, 05:29 PM
I'm with you David. To me they were great college players, but haven't lived up to the hype yet. Stackhouse is the closest, but is he's just a glorified ball hog.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 05:35 PM
Their stats speak loudly IMO, all you have to do is bother to take the time to look!

08-26-2002, 06:12 PM
<< Their stats speak loudly IMO, all you have to do is bother to take the time to look! >>

Jamison has had a chance to be the man on a pretty poor team but hasn't justified his salary or high drafting position.

Mash is good but injury prone. He tends to play up to his capabilities only seldom. I think he lacks mental toughness.

Stack showed what he is made of in the playoffs. Stats be damned. In games that don't mean anything, against the poorer teams, Stack pads his stats. When he, as main man on the team, needs to step up, he folds or hurts the team by taking and missing a bunch of shots. Overrated.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 07:15 PM
I guess there's no possible way to have a debate with someone who only reads boxscores and newspapers. If you watch the games, you will see these guys are deserving of everything they get AND more. Mash and Stacks team wasn't in the playoffs because they had a team full of allstars. Both Mash and Stack played BIG ROLES in their teams making the playoffs. If you are judging Stack on a playoff series then you can do that to alot of guys. What about Fins poor performance against the Spurs 2 seasons ago? What about Dirks against the Kings this past year? You cannot simply judge a guy by a playoff series. What is this, games that dont mean anything? David, every game in this league means something. If teams had that attitude then there would be alot of teams at home come playoff time. All games count, not just the games against the better teams. Stack hurt the team this year by taking alot of bad shots and that's why they still made the playoffs and he was still the main man.

08-26-2002, 08:40 PM
If you watch these guys in games you'll notice one thing, they very seldom help their team win. Stack scores a lot, but what else? If you watch GS, Jamison usually comes out hot and scoring, but falls off the radar as the game goes by. Mash seems to not always show up. He's a GOOD Player as is Stack and Jamison, but underrated, I think not.

08-26-2002, 09:15 PM
Fin had one bad game against the Spurs. The Mavs were out gunned in that series. Detroit, with Stackhouse, was among the favorites to win the East. I was afraid they weren't going to break 50 points in some of those games. Anybody can play well against the spare teams, when the there is no pressure. The gamers play tough when the heat is on. If your shot is off, you try to win in other ways. Stack just kept clanging away and shooting his team out of the games. I'm NOT a big stat guy. Stats can be VERY misleading. Stackhouse has an attitude problem, also, which makes him a poor teammate.

I like Mash. He used to be a Mav. He's good, WHEN healthy. He has a long history of being injured. He had a big year as a Mav but little since. Riley got a bit out of him a couple of years ago but if you have Mash as your starter, you better have a solid backup because the backup is going to be playing A LOT of minutes.

Jamison no way lives up to his high draft position and he's been in the league long enough to show some consistancy, and hasn't.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 09:40 PM
Just211, what are you talking about exactly? Who lead them to the Central Division title? I wonder who lead the Pistons to all those wins, and you say what else does Stack do? How about over 5 assists a game, and over 4 rebounds? How about that? How about over 1 steal a game? You may want to look up his stats before asking a question like that!

David, before the season who picked the Pistons to win the east? After the regular season was over, who picked them to win the east? Everyone that I heard chose the Celts or Nets, and the Nets won it as we all know. Stack changed his game a great deal, and when he did that and decided to lead the team what happened? He lead them to the playoffs and the Central Champs. He does not get enough credit for changing his game. I don't remember many problems that Stack has had with his teammates in Detroit but I could be wrong, a link or 2 would help. Mash is a good player, and he shows it year in and year out ON the court. Mash had averages of over 21 points, over 6 rebounds, over 4 assists and over 1 steal a game. Baron Davis is a good player, and he even said that no one can guard Mash 1 on 1. Obviously he teammates know how good he is, and realize he don't get alot of recognition for his good play. Baron Davis did not do it alone, it is obvious that team needed Mash.

08-26-2002, 10:16 PM
<< I don't remember many problems that Stack has had with his teammates in Detroit but I could be wrong, a link or 2 would help. >>

How about Stackhouse punching Laettner on a plane a few years back? Over a card game or somesuch.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 10:45 PM
You can only speculate, you do not know exactly what happened. For all you know, Laettner could have punched him and Stack was defending himself. Everyone knows how much of a cancer Laettner is, so that's a very bad example IMO.

08-26-2002, 10:46 PM

this is Stacks FG%

he might be a good player, but you must think stats are everything. Any player gets stats when he has the ball all game.

The only thing underrated about Stack is his right hook. Not only Leattner, but let's not forget when he suckerpunched Hornacek.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 10:53 PM
Stack changed his game last season, and his attitude. You guys come up with old BS to try and better your posts. Hilarious

08-26-2002, 11:01 PM
<< Stack changed his game last season, and his attitude. You guys come up with old BS to try and better your posts. Hilarious >>

to quote YOU. THats just speculation. You should stop buying in to the NBA hype machine. You don't know him, and neither do I, but I'm dealing with facts. How did he change his game? oh yeah, he had his second worst shooting season in his career.

Just because the Pistons won, and the trusty media told ya his attitude was better how do you know??? and why did the Pistons start the offseason by shopping him??

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 11:26 PM
haha Just211, more speculation and I have met the guy a few times and he is a very nice guy to say the least. You are speculating that they were shopping him, you have no clue if they were or not. He averaged close to 30 ppg 3 seasons ago, but he changed his game to become a better all around player. When he did that, what happened? Please explain to me what happened this past season that didn't happen 2 seasons ago when he averaged all those points. You are thinking of the Stack of old, you may want to jump to 2002 with the rest of us. i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif Stop me where I say something wrong but don't the media have to deal with this guy on a day to day basis? Wouldn't they know if his attitude has changed or not, since they actually deal with the guy? They dealt with him the past seasons, and they have said he has changed drastically. I also heard Joe Dumars say the same thing in a interview on NBATV.

08-26-2002, 11:45 PM
the same media that said AI changed? It's all hype.
As for the Pistons winning, that has nothing to do with Wallace being there to grab all the terrible shots Stack threw up HUH? or getting CLifford Robinson or even that Rebraca ??? guy stepping up(just a little). Or adding Jon Barry. No, it's all Stack.
Joe Dumars is part of the Pistons, you think he would really say &quot;No he's still a selfish Me first player&quot; I don't think so.

Red White and Blue
08-26-2002, 11:50 PM
Did I ever say those guys were non-factors? No, but I think we all know who is the best player and the leader of that team is. His name is Jerry Stackhouse, and this has nothing to do with AI. I don't know many guys in the league who averages over 5 assists that are selfish. I mean, how is that selfish when a guy averages over 5 assists? Please explain to me.........

08-27-2002, 05:14 AM
mash overrated?what happend to you all?the man get is (im guessing here) 20 ppg 5 rpg 4 apg and gets no credit,everybody remembers what baron did,even david wesly gets more credit than mash,com'on ppl!
sprewell and marbury are really over rated,i honestly wouldnt want marbury on my team,the man is a slefish 2 guatd and they let him play point,true he got 8 apg but his game is very selfish and his percantage are like 30 % or something like that.
stakehouse is probably the most overrated player in the league,he suck!!he is very very unstable,his percantages are lower than ever and he sees nobody on the floor.
free mandela!!!!!!!!!

08-28-2002, 09:17 PM
Last year, Finley averaged 20ppg, 5reb, 4assist last year. what is your point?