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11-05-2002, 04:15 PM
Some nice numbers (in the box scores, at least) early-on for the Nuggets' Rookies:


-Averaging 23mpg, 8.7ppg, 5.3rpg, 3.7 apg

-Started with a double-double 10 pt-11 reb game

-Two 4-assist games already

-Foul- and turnover-prone, not surprising for a young post player


-Averaging 18mpg, 7.1ppg, 55% 3-pt shooting

Anyone see any Nuggets games this year? Would appreciate updates as available.

11-05-2002, 07:32 PM
I've seen two games. Skeeta and Nene have great chemistry together. Skeeta is pretty much standing benhind the arc though. Im a bit surprised with Nene's rather high assissts. He looks great blocking, unpolished on the block and a great dunker.

11-06-2002, 09:45 AM
Occurs to me that they may've gotten more PT in the first two games because of Howard's suspension. Even though the Nugs lost the first two games, these two rooks should be fun to follow.

11-06-2002, 10:08 AM
Howard's suspension and stomach virus allowed them more minutes, but they will get more. I've seen all of their games (League Pass). Uber, if you think Skita is just standing behind the line, then I don't know what you have been watching. He is one active dude.

11-06-2002, 03:23 PM
I have watched 2 of the 3 on league pass, mabye i missed one where he drove a lot. But in the 2 games I've watched, he was mainly standing behind the line, i also think the fact that his 3 point attempts are basically the same as his 2 point attempts would support me more then you.

11-06-2002, 04:21 PM
<< Im a bit surprised with Nene's rather high assissts. He looks great blocking >>

Rookie of the Year

11-06-2002, 05:02 PM
Actually it doesn't have anything to do with it. Skita has been so ultra mobile that he is all over the floor. I've seen all of their games. I have two on tape. I just can't understand how you think he just stands around. He is Najera-esque in terms of motion.