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01-04-2003, 02:43 AM
I needed a little break from our internal debates and decided to seek some peace on the ESPN message boards -

So without further comment, here's the view from around the NBA:

From SA:
"BELIEVE me ... I have NO delusions of the Spurs being able to win a championship this year. At this rate I barely have faith they'll advance past the FIRST round! And I'm starting to lose faith they'll even get THAT far. If they don't get their sh*t together they're going to fall apart COMPLETELY before the playoffs start."

From LA : (involves 3 Laker Fans)
(1)""If for even one second anybody- LAKER FANS/LAKER HATERS/ anybody ever thought we would not make the playoffs this year- THEY ARE JUST STUPID PEOPLE. "

(2)?? Say what? Dude THAT is a stupid statement. At this point it is more likely they won't given their current coarse. To say that it is STUPID to say they may not make the playoffs is assinine . . . sorry, but that's the truth. Gotta look at what's on the table - not past rep or accomplishments.

(3)Nice to see a Laker fan that can actually take the blinders off and admit the truth, well said nlb!

From Houston:
"our teams problem is that we tend to play down to our competition or start so slowly that by the time we fight back to tie the game all our players are too tired to close. The Knicks game was just one of those terrible games every team has and even at that we had the lead down to 2 in the third. Houston, Sprewell , Ward and just aboutt everyone else was on fire. We shot patheticly and they were hot that equals a loss, we just do that too often."

From the 76'ers:
"we need a shot blocker!!!!! He said last night that the reason our defense and offense is struggling is because of the lack of a presence inside. We are struggling cause we are so use to having someone who can swat the ball if someone tries to go to the hole. Also, when we had Ratliff and Mutombo, it forced players to take more jumpers, cause no one wanted to try their luck against our shot blocker, which made our other 4 players on the court play better man to man D. The lack of a shotblocker makes us srtuggle on the offense because our guards have to stick around to try and help rebound, therefore slowing us down on fastbreak opportunities, which turn out to be easy points.

Everything he said made a lot of sense. We are giving up to many second chance points and it's killing us. We need Dalembert badly. And we need to somehow make a trade for a Jonathan Bender or a Shawn Bradley or a Pryzibilla. Someone who can rebound and block and get our offense and defense going again."

From Seattle:
"Check out the other teams that have losing records at home... first thing I noticed, there weren't many. We are excelling at this... Our only mitigating factor is we haven't played many at home yet, but we have to do dramatically better or no one is going to show up for these games and low attendance will impact this teams offseason in ways that will * ."

From the Clips:
"last year clips were 3 games over .500 after the same amount of games
They finished the year in the 9th slot. Teams like the Suns and Rockets have left them in the dust, there's no reason for it. People can blame AG all they want but the guy almost coached them to the POs last year with a lot less talent. As much as I dislike McInnis the guy could shoot, they needed to replace his contributions and never did. Trade for a shooter now..."

From Orlando:
"not fair for tmac. he can't do more for this team, its just not fair to him... We gotta stop pretending and say the truth... There is one reliable, good player for the Magic: McGrady

Miller- okay 2nd guy, but still way too inconsistent to actually help an above-average team as 2nd fiddle. Armstrong- great energy, but the man's old. Can't shoot. Turns the ball over. Hill- If you can;t play, you don;t do any good. Garrity- Its not right that a bench PG averages more rebounds per than a PF who starts half the games... the rest- Vaughn, Deqlerq, Kemp, Burke... crap. We're making too much of this team. Put anyone on our team right now except for tmac on a .600+ and only Miller might start. Guys like Vaughn, Kemp, Burke, Deqlerq, Oyediji, and Garrity wouldn't see more than 8 min on a team like the Blazers, Suns, or Sonics. "

From Boston: (This is my favorite)
"tonight Baker came on the jumbotron for a Dunkin Donuts ad and he got booed to hell. LMAO"

And from the brethren in Indiana:
"We cant win a championship with Tinsley as the starting pg. He is just to immature for the position. His decision making is horrible, and it showed against this Knick team. The Knicks are not a good team and theres no reason they should have lost this game. The KNicks defense isnt so crazy that you should turn the ball over so much. He allowed Eisley to many 3 pointers and tried stupid fancy stuff at the wrong time. In a series we would get scorched by Baron Davis or Jason Kidd if Tinsley keeps playing like hes playing. I think we can make a good playoff run this year but we cant win the close big games if Tinsley is gonna blow them with bad decisions. That overhead pass that got stolen resulting in the Ward tip in shows theres obviously something wrong with Tinsley." (Not to mention that they're defending Artest breaking a $100,000 camera with a piledriver move !)

Ok, funtime is over ...Now back to our regularly scheduled internal Mavs debates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-04-2003, 04:58 AM
OP: Thanks for the insight. It sounds like we are not alone in our bitching and moaning. Loved the quote at Philly wanting a Shawn Bradley shot blocker. But your favorite is mine too. LMAO Vin Baker doing a Dunkin Donuts commercial. What the hell was he thinking?

01-04-2003, 11:30 AM
The 76ers DRAFTED Shawn Bradley.

01-04-2003, 01:05 PM
Great thread.