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Chef Ed
01-13-2003, 01:27 PM
Subj: Almost Mid Season Thoughts
Date: 1/13/03 12:29:40 PM Central Standard Time
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Dallas at Sacramento

Just another game out of 82, or is
this one Special? Midseason Thought's,
and predictions.
By Chef Ed
staff writer

January 13, 2003

St. Louis:
All right, we all know that we have 5 more games till the midseason is actually here, but after what I've seen over the last 36 games then I'm not sure 5 games really means that much. Of course it does help the state of affairs that one of those 5 games is against the Kings in Sacramento where they are 16-2 at the Sac-House.,...Also keep in mind that the other four are against Phoenix, Seattle, Houston, and Philly. No cake walk, and a lot of people are going to be watching those game with a little more interest than say watching them play the Eastern Conference. Oh yea, Philly is in the Eastern Conference....

Speaking of the Eastern Conference. After the first half of the season you can pretty much look at 2 things...#1. Boston, New Jersey.
and Detroit will probably be fighting between themselves to see who represents the sacrifice that is called the NBA Finals..Yea, you can say that Indiana, and Orlando have an outside shot, but from what I saw when Indiana played New York, and lost their cookies, then I'm not sure that they have the mentality to make it to the Finals. If Grant can stay healthy long enough then Mac, and company have an outside shot, but without a 75% Hill, or better they have no chance.......Especially if the last couple of games between the Mav's, and the Kings is any indication of just what is going to happen when they do make it to the Finals. I guess we are all just grounded to the fact that the Western Conference Finals will be not only the actual NBA Finals, but a crowning moment for either the Kings, or the Mav's. Both of which by the way will be in the WCF this spring....

Oh yes, #2. Although the three teams mentioned above have a nice winning record of 22-13 against the West it seems that when they play the Mav's (16-2 against the East), or the Kings (9-3 against the East) they disappear, and don't really put up much of a fight. I'm not sure I understand that, but if they are so successful against the rest of the West then why is it that they can't handle the Mav's or the Kings.

Did I mention the fact that the Kings, and Mav's play on the 15th. 2 days from now?

Anyway, there is a great reason, or reasons that this is the way of the NBA these days. The Mav's, and Kings are the greatest show on earth, and Wed. we will a get a nice picture of things to come. Yea, I know it's one game out of 82, and win or lose then things will pretty much stay the same. Or will they? The Mav's are 31-5, and the Kings are 28-10. Both good teams you say, or is there something in the numbers that will show a different tune than what is being preached around the NBA these days?

Dallas this year has made great efforts in trying to convince people that they are trying to become more defensive, and less offensive in the way that they approach the way they play the games. With that said, they have been successful, but maybe not as successful as when they really put the offense on the back burner. The record when they keep teams under 90 is beyond great. Of course when your 31-5 all the stats seem to be in your favor. Understandably, but to better get an idea of just how well they have improved is definitely in the numbers, and to me they just aren't that impressive. Don't get me wrong, any improvement is good improvement, but they have to do better. This may get them into the Western Conference Finals, but I'm not sure it good enough to get them over the final hurdle.....

Last year they were shooting 105 points a game. This year it's dropped to 102.7. Still an NBA best, but what they have done is drop the opponents numbers at the same time. Last year it was 95.5 to
91.1 this year. Again a good improvement, but not a great one. Of course when your scoring 102, and the other team is at 91 your going to win a lot of games. But again, is it good enough to get you into the Finals, especially when they scoring averages always drop in the playoffs.....I don't think so....

Oh yea, did I mention the Kings play the Mav's on Wed. Sac town is 16-2 at home, but I think Dallas has only lost 3 on the road all year. I wonder what that means?

Turn overs have also shown an improvement along with the with turnovers forced. The number improved from 14.1 to 16.6. Dallas dropped theirs from 12.1 to 11.4. Again both of these are improvements, and improvement is good, but it still isn't where I think we would all like to be. Yesterday against the Clippers they scored over 60% of their points in the paint. 50 out of 90 points in the paint. Sorry ladies, and gentlemen, that just don't feed the bulldog...... In other words that dog don't hunt......Got it?

You know when you look a Sac Town a lot is made of their bench. The have a deep bench, with a lot of talent. Jimmy Jackson has brought a lot to the table (so far), and he hasn't caused any disruptions (so far), but time will tell on that. Bobby Jackson's injury was ill timed, but as deep as they are they just keep on wining. The thing that sticks out in my mind is that they are still inconsistent at the free throw line when the game matters. Kind of reminds me of the Missouri Tigers. Great that they can shoot lights out, but in crunch time when it matters they seem to both have a problem... SacTown has had to losing streaks of 2, and 3 games. The three gamer was against the Eastern Conference (Miami, Orlando, New York) while the Mav's have lost back to back game yet this season. The Mav's match the home court with a 18-2 mare, and while the Big Three continue to put up the numbers that they are then anything remains possible.

Dirk averaging a double double 22.6 a game with 10 rebounds(nice)
Finley continues to do his thing at 20.1 a game.
Nash needs no introduction. 18.6 a game. League high 91%FT average isn't bad, and probably the most important is his minutes have dropped significantly to 32 minutes a game....
Van Exel is still contributing at 11.4 points a game, and
Lafrentz seems to be on the rebound, and what can you say about the constancy with Shawn Bradley with 8.1 points a game, 7.8 boards, and 2.9 blocks which I think leads the NBA..... Back in the game where he needs to be....

Hey, don't the Kings play the Mavericks this week. 8:00pm on the Evil Empire network. In Sac Town you say? No problem.
Oh yea, the Kings last two loses came in OT against Portland, and Minn. Can you smell a third?

You know we forgot something in all this talk about how the Mav's and the Queens (sorry my bad) are going to represent the League in this years tournament. I kind of think that the Lakers still may have something to say about all this when it is all said, and done... In there last 10 they are 7-3, They have won 4 in a row, and their record now stands at 17-20. That's only 3 games from . 500. And the last I looked when your . 500 at the All-star break then your season is far from over. The next 6 games for the Lakers are a cake walk with the hardest on against the Rockets. So maybe the mid way point of the season is still to early to start talking about who is going to be in the Finals. But I do know one thing. The season officially starts on the 15th against the Kings. That may be reaching a bit, but if someone tells you that this game is just another one of 82, then maybe you should try to educate them just a little more, and try to make them all understand that the West is primed for some of the best basketball we have seen here since I the Days of Dallas, and LA in the 80's. Only this time there are more participants, and whole lot more drama.......

Oh yea, I forgot one other thing. The Kings, and the Mav's............................

Have nice day, and thanks for playing....