View Full Version : Rudy T rested 4 starters last night in loss....

01-21-2003, 08:38 AM
I'm a Mav fan in Austin Tx. and we are force fed
a lot of the Spurs games. The Rockets had a chance
to win after pulling 4 of his starters (to rest for
the Mav's game?????) Rudy sometimes out-thinks himself
like Nellie does. Francis looked mad on the bench.

01-21-2003, 08:48 AM
Looks like the Rockets went into Q4 down 13, and outscored the Spurs by 8 in the 4th to finish down 5.

Rox starters were sucking--Francis 1-12, Griffin 1-7, Mobley 7-21. The reserves apparently were doing better. Maybe Franchise was choppy about going 1-12?

Cuttino played all 48, and Rudy has been limiting Yao to about 25, which is what he got last night.

Rudy unlike Nellie, has the luxury of being able to shoot for a 4-6 playoff slot and being able to consider the season a success, so he doesn't feel the same pressure to wring out his starters to wring out a win.

Success brings higher expectations.