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02-04-2003, 01:47 AM
Trade Rumors: Add Campbell, subtract Fizer

Speaking of waiting to the last second to pull the trigger on trade talks . . . that strategy can backfire on you as well.

Just look at the Bulls, who learned this weekend that they've lost Marcus Fizer for the rest of the season. While GM Jerry Krause continues to deny that he's shopped Fizer at all, numerous GMs have told Insider over the past few weeks that the Bulls were still trying to work out a big package for another young stud that included Fizer and Jamal Crawford.

Several teams in need of low-post muscle and scoring, including the Sonics, T-Wolves, Raptors, Heat and Magic, were interested. But with Fizer out of the mix with a torn ACL, Krause's dreams of a big deadline deal seem to be fading quickly. After Saturday's news, Krause engaged in a little revisionist history. "We've got 15 players we like," Krause told the Chicago Tribune. "We weren't looking to trade Marcus. If we add somebody, we'd have to waive somebody and there's not a lot out there that I'd rather have."

Elden Campbell is the latest player in the last year of his contract to hit the rumor mill. Campbell, who has struggled through injuries all season, lost his starting job to a younger and more athletic Jamaal Magloire. The Hornets aren't expected to re-sign him this summer and several teams have called about his availability.

Among the interested teams? The New York Daily News reports that the Hornets called the Sonics about a possible Kenny Anderson-for-Campbell swap but were turned away. Instead, the Sonics are trying to parlay Anderson into a young player or draft picks. Given the Sonics' desperate need for some low-post help, this is just more evidence that the front office is resigned to rebuilding the team. The Daily News also mentions the Spurs and Knicks as possible destinations for Campbell.

This report comes on the heels of rumors earlier in the week that the Sixers had offered to swap Keith Van Horn for Spree. Given GM Scott Layden's "let's rebuild the state of Utah in Manhattan" rebuilding strategy, it's amazing they didn't grab Van Horn and immediately offer him a lifetime extension.

How desperate have the Magic become for a big man? The word over the weekend was that they too had entered the bidding war for Theo Ratliff. How bizarre is that? Unless they plan on moving Grant Hill as part of that deal, how can management justify having two chronic injury list players making the max on the same roster? And if the Hawks are really considering swapping for Hil, they're even more screwed up than we thought.

And in Memphis, .a few more GMs commented to Insider this weekend that the Grizzlies are putting out word that they're willing to part with either Drew Gooden or Pau Gasol. Whichever player brings the more lucrative bounty could be gone in the next couple of weeks, especially if a team is willing to agree to a package deal that rids the Grizzlies of the long-term contracts of Lorenzen Wright and Jason Williams. Jerry West is tired of being hamstrung by the salary cap and is apparently ready to pay a big, big price to get some flexibility this year or the next

02-04-2003, 08:23 AM
Hmm...the Gasol possibility is interesting.

Wonder what San Antonio would think of Gasol as a complement to Tim Duncan?

02-04-2003, 11:36 AM
Good grief if Gasol goes to the Spurs...I would love to see Dallas get Gasol!!!!

02-04-2003, 03:13 PM
Wonder what San Antonio would think of Gasol as a complement to Tim Duncan?

It's Christmas ?

I'm assuming that the Spurs would also have to take JWill and swap Parker, and maybe 2 out of Bowen/S.Jackson/Ginobilli; gutting their backcourt. So it may not be realistic at all.

I've posted a new article today (from ESPN Insider) about the lowering of the salary cap for next year. It's a VERY interesting read and is going to effect trading even more than we've all thought up to this point. This could turn out to be a VERY WEIRD year for player movement.

02-04-2003, 09:11 PM
Thanks Outlet for the news! I really reall hope that mark cuban considers thinking about gasol and williams. plus it would be great for the mavs, the get a power forward and i stud like williams so i would love to see this trade happen.i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif