View Full Version : Newspaper reports Baker being suspended two weeks

02-27-2003, 06:10 AM
Newspaper reports Baker being suspended two weeks

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Vin Baker will be suspended Thursday by the Boston Celtics so that he can deal with an alcohol problem, the Boston Globe reported.

A meeting is planned Thursday morning between Baker, his teammates and the coaching staff. At the meeting, Baker will discuss his future with the team, the newspaper reported.

Also, Baker will serve a two-week suspension as mandated by the team. The club is expected to announce it today in a release.

Baker told the Globe he is not retiring or taking a buyout.

"We're gonna talk about some things,'' Baker said. "Coach (Jim) O'Brien and I have some things we want to talk about. I haven't spoken to anybody yet. We're going to talk (today). Communication is good. There won't be anything negative. It will be full of positives. I'm going to talk about my role. I'm not retiring. I'm not leaving the team. I'm not getting bought out. None of that. There's no secret at all. Coach and I will talk about my role on the team and we'll talk about a few different things.''

Asked by the paper if he would be with the team for the remainder of the season, Baker said, "Yes.''