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03-03-2003, 06:15 PM
Editing, 16 Feb. 2003.- The Galatasaray, one of the leading teams of the Turkish League, has given with a giant of 2,42 meters and 20 years. Of name Sultan Kosen, this youth has been found for Cavit Altunay, a technician of the club, in Kiziltepe Köyü, a town of barely 20 houses in the province of Mardin, to the east of Turkey and to the edge of the border with Iraq.

Kosen, that weighs 155 kilograms and wears a 60, never has played basketball and has a knowledge almost nil of the sport. Nevertheless, the club trusts in become a time limit of 2-3 years a player of basketball, although only be to dispute 10-15 minutes by party, since its height supposes already an important assets.

The youth is not very mobile and barely can run, though in the Galatasaray trust in improving their athletic capacity with an operation that they will perform it soon. If all it turns out well, after the surgery Sultan Kosen will be able to be straightened up normally and, as aim sources close to the Turkish club, to reach the 2,47 meters.

To be thus and to come to play some day in the professional basketball, Sultan Kosen would become the player higher acquaintance in the history of this sport. To date, is considered unanimously to the Libyan one Suleiman Ali Nashnush, international with its country in 1962, and that is believed that it mediates 2,45 meters. Other very high players were the English one Chris Grener (2,43) or the Russian one Aleksander Sizonenko (2,39).

Currently, the ceiling of the world basketball is the norcoreano Ri Myong hun (or Michael Ri, as also knows it him), of 2,37 meters and at present 33 years. It tried to arrive at the NBA but they were impeded it the strict U.S. regulations, but is spoken of him as a capable player if there is had a good role in the American league to state of its coordination and good shot.

Who yes they arrived at the NBA and they shone in her went the two ‘gigantic’ best-known of the last times: the Sudanese one Manute Bol and the Rumanian one Gheorghe Muresan, who was faced to Spain barely three months ago in party of classification for the Eurobasket of Sweden.

Nevertheless, the height of Kosen is very far from the Record Guinness of height, that corresponds to the American one Robert Wadlow, that in 1940, to its 22 years, mediates 2,72 meters. http://www.liga-acb.es/acb2/A08/A08-09.jsp?id=9539

Reportedly, if you straighten him out, he's about 8'2".