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03-07-2003, 12:02 PM
The Spurs and kidd rumors have been floating for a long time. Marc Stein suggests maybe Kidd isn't just what the doctor ordered for the spurs. Would champion Spurs still sign Kidd?

Thursday, March 6

In 99 scenarios out of 100, there is no hesitation. If Jason Kidd wants to play on your team, and all you have to do is sign a check, you pay Kidd the most you can and figure out the rest later.

But ...

What if the San Antonio Spurs win a championship this June?

That's the one scenario even the most optimistic Spurs employees didn't dare imagine back in November. Or December. Going into the new year, the Spurs were a modest 19-13 and coming off back-to-back road losses at New York and Washington.

Fast forward to Thursday's showdown with Kidd's Nets and, suddenly, the Spurs are unquestioned contenders. In 2003 alone, they're a tidy 23-5. They're 3-1 against Sacramento. They're 16-0 whenever Tony Parker scores at least 20 points, and we're guessing they'd probably like to keep the little Frenchman. Especially if San Antonio, with Parker at the controls, can actually navigate the Western Conference playoff minefield to return to the NBA Finals and win their second title in five years.

So we ask again: What if the Spurs win it all now?


Whatever you do, after any hesitation, you do it with keeping Parker in mind. He'd be a 21-year-old point guard with one ring. In other words, the sort of kid you hang onto. Then you zero in on free agents.

Personally, I'm with ESPN colleague Sean Elliott, who suggests the Clippers' Elton Brand as the replacement for the retiring David Robinson. Brand is obviously undersized, but he plays bigger than 6-foot-8 with long arms that make him one of the league's foremost shot-blockers and offensive rebounders. He's a more attractive option, to me, than Michael Olowokandi, because Brand's rep (good guy who plays with a hard hat) is more Spur-ish than Kandi's.

The real problem with the Brand idea is that he's a restricted free agent this summer. And Brand is the one guy to whom any offer, even a big one, might actually be matched by Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling. That means Brand might be as unattainable as Indiana's Jermaine O'Neal, who is widely considered a lock to stay with the Pacers.

Kidd, by contrast, is an unrestricted free agent, and we'll say it again: If the best quarterback in the game wants to join your team, you take him and sort out the rest later. Better yet, the latest cap calculations suggest the Spurs can make a big enough offer to Kidd to sign him outright, without forfeiting Parker in a sign-and-trade with the Nets.

If Kidd is really willing to leave the swamps for the Riverwalk, you sign him to play him next to Parker in the same backcourt and try to fill your frontcourt void some other way. Don't forget that there will be a few reasonably priced power forwards on the market in the offseason, guys more signable than O'Neal or Brand.

Don't tell me that Kidd and Parker can't play together, because Kidd can play with anyone. Don't tell me, furthermore, that Kidd and Duncan and Parker wouldn't be enough to keep the Spurs at or near the top of the West, unless they are joined by another power player.

Look where they are now, without Kidd and with a fading Admiral.

That's right. Contending for a championship, somehow.

They could even keep their money for a year when KG and Tracy McGrady are free? Pretty Scary.

03-07-2003, 12:10 PM
i completely agee with stein.
kidd might not be the answer..

personally, i think a 2-3 would be nice for the spurs..someone that can slash to the basket and hit the jumper

but a guy like brand would always be a nice fit

03-07-2003, 09:13 PM
<< personally, i think a 2-3 would be nice for the spurs..someone that can slash to the basket and hit the jumper >>

They allready have that guy. Ginobili. Hes really starting to come around and had some nice games for them during that 23-5 stretch. I think hell be much better next year. I expect the Spurs to sign a bigman. Signing Kidd would be a mistake, cause their backourt should be ok but after Robinson retires they really need some help in the frontcourt.

Here are Ginobilis post allstar game numbers:

24 mins, 11.2 pts, .548 fg%, 473 3pt%, 3.4 rbs, 3.4 ast, 2.09 stl.

Given the fact that hes a rookie on a title contender those are very very good numbers. He can also play D. While he sure wont be a candidate for rookie of the year (like I expected) because of his slow start, hes definitly startin to show his class. Add the play of Parker and Duncan to that plus the major cap room and well the Spurs will surely be one of the biggest contenders for years to come.

03-07-2003, 11:07 PM
Agreed JayC, maybe get J. Howard for cheap and save money for a KG next year.

Starting lineup