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Ummmmm Ok
03-10-2003, 02:19 PM
Just got out of our yearly employee meeting with Peter Holt.

I swear that guy is hilarious. At the end of the meeting he went through the "QUESTION BOX" Was probably a mistake but he likes to get to know what his employees were thinking. One of the questions was, "Why don't he buy the Stars?" He said that hes not into hockey but he said it would be funny as hell if him and cuban would be partners co-owning the AAC and than anytime they would discuss plans on the AAC they could go to Dairy Queen and have their meeting there. lol

Also one of the questions was "Is he going to resign Tim Duncan and sign Jason Kidd?" He said that of course he is goign to resign Duncan and he said that we have to keep selling our asses off, he said he wouldn't mind going into the luxury tax to get a championship winner. So than he said that Basically its up to us for the SPURS to win a championship. LOL So I guess I need to lose a couple of these sales huh...lol

Damn and did you know he used to be an alcholic, got laid off once, and even got fired? lol

I will have to admit though, even though Peter was trying to be funny and get on everybodys good side, damn that guy is bright. He has to be like 45 and all I can say is DAMN HES ONE SMART S.O.B.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am a Mavs Fan and that I work for the company that made him rich. I read this again and it looked like I worked for the Spurs...LMAO Also to you that don't know, Peter Holt is the Majority owner of the Spurs.

03-10-2003, 04:22 PM