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03-17-2003, 06:17 PM
Najera behind Carlos Boozer and Ruben "Kobe Stopper" Paterson?

This list according to nba.com, in order of who's making the biggest impacts:

1. Gilbert Arenas, G • Golden State Warriors
Drafted by: Golden State, 2001 College: Arizona Selection: 31st overall pick
Reason he's No. 1: The winner of the got milk? Rookie Challenge MVP at the 2003 All-Star Game, is playing well enough to leave the kiddies' table and play on Sunday. Behind Jason Kidd and Gary Payton is the top free agent point guard for 2003.

2, Rashard Lewis, F • Seattle SuperSonics
Drafted by: Seattle, 1998, High school: Alief Elsik, Tex. Selection: 32nd pick
Reason he's No. 2: He has Tracy McGrady-type skills and T-Mac size, but does he have a T-Mac sized heart?

3. Nick Van Exel, G • Dallas Mavericks
Drafted by: L.A. Lakers, 1993 College: Cincinnati Selection: 37th overall pick
Reason he's No. 3: This former All-Star could start at point guard for most NBA teams, but he's proven to be a team player in Dallas coming off the bench.

4. Antonio Davis, F-C • Toronto Raptors
Drafted by: Indiana, 1990 College: Texas-El Paso Selection: 45th overall pick
Reason he's No. 4: All-Star big men are tough to find in any round, and Davis, in his 10th NBA season, is as steady as ever, though his poor shooting percentage may scare off some. Many teams would love to have his veteran presence down low.

5. Eric Snow, G • Philadelphia 76ers
Drafted by: Milwaukee, 1995 College: Michigan St. Selection: 43rd overall pick
Reason he's No. 5: Provides steady point guard play and excellent defense for one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Gritty, will play in pain. Offensive skills leave something to be desired, although 2002-03 is shaping up to be a career year.

6. Cuttino Mobley, G • Houston Rockets
Drafted by: Houston, 1998 College: Rhode Island Selection: 41st overall pick
Reason he's No. 6: With Steve Francis, forms one of the better backcourts in the NBA. Mobley, who averages 42.1 minutes per game, provides consistency and a great third option on offense behind Francis and Yao Ming.

7. Michael Redd, G • Milwaukee Bucks
Drafted by: Milwaukee, 2000 College: Ohio State Selection: 43rd overall pick
Reason he's No. 7: Has gone from being "injured" during his rookie season to becoming a leading candidate for the Sixth Man Award in his second season. Bucks have so much confidence in his skills that they parted with Ray Allen. One of the sharpest shooters in the NBA.

8. P.J. Brown, F • New Orleans Hornets
Drafted by: New Jersey, 1992 College: Louisiana Tech Selection: 29th overall pick
Reason he's No. 8: This consummate pro is savvy, skilled and does the dirty work well for the Hornets. He's a big man who can defend other big men and is having his best year offensively

9. Clifford Robinson, C-F • Detroit Pistons
Drafted by: Portland, 1989 College: Connecticut Selection: 36th overall pick
Reason he's No. 9: Still remarkably consistent and durable after 14 years in the NBA. Can play inside or outside and would be a great veteran addition to any team.

10. Alvin Williams, G • Toronto Raptors
Drafted by: Portland, 1997 College: Villanova Selection: 48th overall pick
Reason he's No. 10: Williams has proven himself to be a capable starting point guard in the NBA. At 6-5, he creates matchup problems for smaller guards. His scoring numbers and assists have gone up each season in the league.

11. Gordan Giricek, G • Orlando Magic
Drafted by: Dallas, 1999 From: Croatia Selection: 41st overall pick
Reason he's No. 11: Giricek's numbers have exploded since his trade to Orlando at the deadline this season. The 6-6 shooting guard may have trouble getting his own shot sometimes, but when left open, he's deadly from the outside. Must improve his defense.

12. Toni Kukoc F • Milwaukee Bucks
Drafted by: Chicago, 1990 From: Croatia Selection: 29th overall pick
Reason he's No. 12: Kukoc, who was instrumental off the bench in the Bulls' second run of three straight titles, still knows how to play when healthy, which has been a problem throughout his career. Kukoc lends a savvy, veteran presence to any team.

13. Carlos Boozer, F • Cleveland Cavaliers
Drafted by: Cleveland, 2002 College: Duke Selection: 35th overall pick
Reason he's No. 13: Boozer has had the biggest impact of any second-rounder from the 2002 Draft. Made veteran Tyrone Hill expendable. Has Chris Webber-like hands on the block (catches everything) and his back-to-the-basket game is a welcome presence from a big man these days.

And the rest…:

14. Manu Ginobili, G • San Antonio Spurs
Drafted by: San Antonio, 1999 From: Argentina Selection: 57th overall pick

15. Ruben Patterson, F • Portland Trail Blazers
Drafted by: L.A. Lakers, 1998 College: Cincinnati Selection: 31st overall pick

16. Malik Rose, F-C • San Antonio Spurs
Drafted by: Charlotte, 1996 College: Drexel Selection: 44th overall pick

17. Eduardo Najera, F • Dallas Mavericks
Drafted by: Houston, 2000 College: Oklahoma Selection: 38th overall pick

18. Predrag Drobnjak, F-C • Seattle SuperSonics
Drafted by: Washington, 1997 From: Yugoslavia Selection: 49th overall pick

19. Voshon Lenard, G • Toronto Raptors
Drafted by: Milwaukee, 1994 College: Minnesota Selection: 46th overall pick

20. Bryon Russell, G • Washington Wizards
Drafted by: Utah, 1994 College: Long Beach St. Selection: 45th overall pick

21. Lucious Harris, G • New Jersey Nets
Drafted by: Dallas, 1993 College: Long Beach St. Selection: 28th overall pick

22. Howard Eisley, G • New York Knicks
Drafted by: Minnesota, 1993 College: Boston College Selection: 30th overall pick

23. Othella Harrington, F • New York Knicks
Drafted by: Houston, 1993 College: Georgetown Selection: 30th overall pick

24. Chris Whitney, G • Orlando Magic
Drafted by: San Antonio, 1993 College: Clemson Selection: 47th overall pick

25. Shammond Williams, G • New York Knicks
Drafted by: Chicago, 1998 College: North Carolina Selection: 34th overall pick

26. Marko Jaric, G • Los Angeles Clippers
Drafted by: L.A. Clippers, 2000 From: Yugoslavia Selection: 30th overall pick

27. Moochie Norris, G • Houston Rockets
Drafted by: Milwaukee, 1996 College: West Florida Selection: 33rd overall pick

28. Eddie House, G • Miami Heat
Drafted by: Miami, 2000 College: Arizona St. Selection: 37th overall pick

29. Jerome James, C • Seattle SuperSonics
Drafted by: Sacramento, 1998 College: Florida A&M Selection: 36th overall pick

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On talent alone that pole holds true.

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Where's Wang?

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