View Full Version : One more stoopid Trade?

03-26-2003, 06:58 PM
To start it off if this season bombs like one more 2nd round and out in five. Look the wizards are in fire sale mode key wizard Kwame Brown and Jerry Stackhouse.

Nash and Raef for Brown and Stackhouse! Fillers have to be added to make the salaries work. Untapped potential vs untapped potential (kwame vs. Raef)Stackhouse and nash both have tremendous talent, Jordan and Stackhouse have had their problems before.

nick/mladen secularec
stackhouse/backup guard via free agency.

High school players generally develop in their third year. Brown fills the need of rebounding,size and potential to be great. Whats not to like? Saying good bye to nash? Love nash but he is approaching 30 and is waiting for another break down. Stackhouse could develop into another trade or he could just be another great scorer. As for cancer winning solves everything.

Raef with minutes on a bad team in the east could possibly score 20 a game. Nash would give MJ that player that leads by example with hard work.

Feel free to mob me? i just like to throw around trades see if they stick.