View Full Version : What style works depth, defense or duo superstars?

04-04-2003, 07:59 PM
The mavericks and sacramento kings are trying to break a mold of dominating defense and rebounding. Pippen and Jordan were all defensive stars. Hakeem the only player to dominate Shaq.

The question is will the depth and stars of the kings. Or the big three of the mavs? I think its the defense and rebounding of the spurs and know the score. Or is it the superstar link of Shaq and Kobe the two best players in the NBA?

To me its the spurs they have their superstar last years MVP and the most improved role players in the league. They have athletic ability penetrators , defense and rebounding. Is nellie' reinvent the wheel aproach wrong? Or is it just a matter of time when Dirk Nowitzki wins the title?

So spill your guts tell me I am nuts but My championship team is none other than the spurs!