View Full Version : LA still the team to beat?

04-10-2003, 11:52 PM
It was funny when craig sager asked "If the kings were the lakers their biggest rival." He stood their and went huh"Then he said everyone we have to be prepared to beat Dallas, San Antonio, and the Queens." Life isn't all bad for the mavs the Lakers grab the five spot and are a half a game away from grabbing the fourth spot.

This playoff run should be fun will san antonio knock off the lakers, can the mavs beat the lakers in the staples center, or will the kings be champs or chumps.

04-11-2003, 06:16 AM
I noticed the Shaq after-game interview, also. Shaq mentioned Dallas, first, as a team to beat, along with SA and Sac. It shows that the Mavs have the Lakers attention.