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07-14-2001, 11:59 AM
With the re-signing of CWebb and Christie, and the trade for Bibby, so much for the Mavs passing the Kings next year.

Webber reportedly to sign seven-year deal

SACRAMENTO -- Chris Webber, one of the NBA's most sought-after free agents this summer, appears close to inking a seven-year contract that would keep him playing for the Sacramento Kings, according to a newspaper report.

"There are some things that have to be worked out, but we may have something to say very shortly," Webber's consultant, Fallasha Erwin, was quoted as saying in the Sacramento Bee's Saturday editions.

There was no answer at the Kings office early Saturday, and team officials could not immediately be reached to comment.

Erwin said Webber had deliberately kept quiet about negotiations over the All-Star power forward's future until he had something positive to report.

"Things are looking well, and I think we'll soon have something to say that will be positive for Chris as well as Sacramento," Erwin told the Bee.

The Kings were offering the 28-year-old Webber a contract worth more than $120 million over seven years -- the largest possible deal under the NBA's salary cap. Only a few teams could offer Webber anything close to that amount.

Webber has said 12-15 teams have contacted him since July 1.

Source: Webber reportedly to sign seven-year deal (http://espn.go.com/nba/news/2001/0714/1226127.html)

07-14-2001, 01:18 PM
The Mavs will still be better than the Kings next year. We were on pace for 57 wins after the Juwan Howard trade (better than the Kings already, I believe), and we will add some good players this offseason. The Kings, I suspect, will be lacking a little something special that they had with Williams pushing the offense, but I suppose it's debatable whether they're a better team in a Williams full-court game or a Bibby half-court game. Only Jon Barry knows for sure...

07-14-2001, 01:42 PM
I'm not so sure of the Mavs becoming better than the Kings. Peja and Hedo are the real x-factors, and based on published reports, it looks like Hedo is really starting to take his game to the next level.

07-14-2001, 01:43 PM
All I gotta say is the Mavs better add some quality talent this offseason! Houston, Sactown, LAC, and even the Warriors have already made rather significant strides. Here's hoping the Mavs improve while the Jazz, Blazers, and Suns fall farther down the ladder.

07-14-2001, 01:50 PM
Peja is overrated as an individual player, but you can't overestimate the value of a lights-out shooter when you've got a player down low who will consistently draw double-teams, and Turkoglu as a second threat is a bad combination. Nonetheless, the trade for Bibby has as many drawbacks as it does benefits, and I don't trust a run-and-gun Sacramento team changing its entire offensive style between seasons... We'll see who ends up on top. My money's on the Mavs...

07-14-2001, 01:57 PM
Adding Bibby definitely solidified their lineup. JWill's uptempo game may have fit in with the Kings' style, but his play was more detrimental to the team's success imo. Oh well..like you said, only time will tell. Also, it seems the team is now experimenting with Hedo playing the point..

I see the Mavs finishing no higher than fourth, behind the Lakers (ugh), Kings, and Spurs (if they re-sign DA). Houston will probably be our stiffest competition.

07-14-2001, 02:12 PM
I see the Mavs in second or third, assuming we add a bench this offseason. I think to say San Antonio will be better than us makes a lot of assumptions... Assumptions that the loss of Avery Johnson will not hurt them, and that their multiple players over 35 are going to stay healthy and competent... In the playoffs, it was already apparent that the play of David Robinson, Danny Ferry, and Terry Porter (38!) was declining. Then there's Robinson's nasty back problems, and the fact that with AJ and Elliot gone, the Spurs will actually have to rely on Steve Kerr as a rotation player... Bottom line, the Spurs are VERY OLD, and getting worse every day. The Mavs are VERY YOUNG, and visibly improving with every game.

07-14-2001, 06:22 PM
(Cuban confirmed that Dallas considered making drastic roster changes to get Webber here...makes you think a minute, doesn't it? Here's the story from the Sacramento Bee, our mention is near the bottom.)

Webber close to staying: 'Things are looking well' to negotiating team
By Martin McNeal
Bee Staff Writer
(Published July 14, 2001)

LONG BEACH -- The Kings and all-star free-agent forward Chris Webber are moving closer to signing a seven-year contract that would not only retain the power forward for Sacramento, but keep him in a Kings uniform for a long time.
Fallasha Erwin, Webber's longtime agent and current consultant, said Friday night that there are details to be ironed out before a contract can be signed.

"There are some things that have to be worked out," Erwin said from Florida, "but we may have something to say very shortly."

Erwin, who was retained as a consultant just in the past few weeks, said the Webber negotiating team has been careful not to release information prematurely.

"The Webber camp has chosen not to speak until it had something to say," Erwin said. "But things are looking well, and I think we'll soon have something to say that will be positive for Chris as well as Sacramento.

"Right now, I can't get into any details."

Erwin, who had been released as Webber's agent last September, said he had not spoken to Webber since then -- until last week. The Webber team wanted Erwin to help with the contract because it was Erwin who had first worked with the Kings in exploring an extension after Webber's first season in Sacramento.

And it was Erwin who first recognized that Webber would be leaving more than $20 million on the table if he were not to play out his contract with the Kings, become a free agent and then either re-sign with the club or go elsewhere.

Kings president Geoff Petrie said Friday that he continues to be in contact with Webber's negotiating team.

"I anticipate that we will continue to do that," Petrie said. "We are prepared to proceed on their schedule as it continues."

Erwin said Webber wanted to take as much time as was available to be sure of his decision. He was courted heavily by the San Antonio Spurs, who appeared to be willing to jettison 36-year-old David Robinson to bring in Webber, 28.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban said Friday that his squad explored the possibility of making some drastic roster moves to acquire Webber. Cuban said he also had spoken to the Webber negotiating team but not Webber himself.

But it appears now, Erwin said, that barring some unforeseen circumstances, Webber will soon be re-signing with Sacramento.

"There's a deep interest," Erwin said regarding Webber's return to Sacramento, "and we feel we're making progress.

"Honestly, we're very, very close to making a decision."

07-14-2001, 08:54 PM
I'm sure it was "drastic" in the sense that involved Juwan and everyone else besides Fin/Dirk/Nash.

07-15-2001, 07:17 AM
I think we still have a shot on Webber.
I won´t quit believing until he signs.

Look at my proposal in the Mavs-stuff Department, I am pretty sure that something like that is still in the making, and close-to does not mean necessarily 100%, and I am pretty sure that all the Clips, Bulls or Detroit would take Harrington, Trent, Booth and Wards for nothing if they just have to sign Webber and deal him if Sac-to doesnt agree ...

Though chances are narrow - I still believe in Cunellie.


07-15-2001, 06:37 PM
Just in case any of you missed this:

Read Webber's lips: Nothing is decided
By Martin McNeal
Bee Staff Writer
(Published July 15, 2001)

Forward Chris Webber wanted to make his point very clearly understood Saturday afternoon.
"I just wanted to say that I haven't agreed to anything," he said by telephone before preparing to board an airplane from Miami to Detroit.

Webber said he had seen a film clip on television Saturday that he had agreed to a free-agent contract with the Kings. He wanted to make sure that the report had been refuted.

"In fact, my family is meeting with (Indiana Pacers coach) Isiah (Thomas) this afternoon at 4:30," Webber said. "And I don't know how serious it is, but it's not as light (in importance) as other people might think."

Webber's negotiating team said it was still in contact with a few other teams and had received several calls inquiring whether or not he had agreed to a deal with the Kings.

Consultant Fallasha Erwin, who on Friday said Webber would soon have something to say that was positive for Sacramento, said Saturday that no deal with the Kings had been reached.

"We haven't finished anything," Erwin said regarding a possible multi-year deal with the Kings.

"Yes, we're talking to them, but we're also talking to some other teams. We're waiting to hear back on a few issues. So, no, we haven't reached an agreement with any team, including the Kings. We won't have a deal, really, until we sign a contract."

If Webber chooses not to re-sign with the Kings and still earn the maximum amount allowed under the NBA's rules governing salary, he will have to work with Kings president Geoff Petrie. Then discussions could begin on a sign-and-trade deal that would involve one or more other teams.

It's believed Webber does not intend to sign any type of contract for anything less than the maximum seven-year deal that could pay him more than $123 million.

The only way Webber could get to a team such as the Pacers, for instance, and still earn top dollar would be through this type of a sign-and-trade arrangement.

Petrie on Saturday did not return phone calls to The Bee.

Source: Read Webber's lips: Nothing is decided (http://www.sacbee.com/sports/news/sports05_20010715.html)

07-16-2001, 09:03 AM
Maybe the Kings are close to resigning him and close to trading him as well in a sign and trade deal?

07-18-2001, 08:40 PM
Webber staying with Kings, Bee sources say

Updated: July 18, 2001 - 5:17 p.m.

Kings star forward Chris Webber will re-sign with Sacramento, sources told The Bee late Wednesday afternoon.

There was no word on when Webber will officially sign.

Webber was the hottest property among the off-season free agents, approached by 12 to 15 teams, he said.

Among the teams reported to be in the hunt were Indiana, Detroit, Houston, New York, Orlando and San Antonio. It was known Webber met with officials in Detroit and Indiana.

NBA rules limited his ability to move if he wanted to make the maximum salary and would have required a sign-and-trade deal, in which the Kings would have gotten players in trade from the team signing Webber.

Webber, 28, delivered star (and all-star) stats in the 2000-01 season. He finished sixth in the NBA in points per game (27.1), seventh in rebounds (11.1) and 10th in minutes per game (40.5). He shot 48 percent from the field. His season-high points performance was also his career best -- 51 points against the Indiana Pacers in January.

He was the first Kings player in 25 years to be named to the All-NBA's first team. Webber finished fourth in voting for the NBA's Most Valuable Player award after leading the Kings to a franchise-best-tying 55 victories. However, he was disappointing in the playoffs, which the Kings exited in the second round.

He came to the Kings in 1998 in a trade that sent Mitch Richmond -- then the Kings' marquee player -- to Washington.

Webber made his disdain for Sacramento known then and waited months before reporting.

During the past season, as his every move was analyzed by Kings fans for its free-agency foreshadowing, Webber made waves by telling a national publication that he was "bored to death" in Sacramento and wanted to play for a team that could win a championship.

Keep checking with sacbee.com for more details tonight and in The Bee on Thursday.

-- Bee Sports Staff

Source: Webber staying with Kings, Bee sources say (http://www.sacbee.com/news/beelive/show_story.cgi?webber)

07-18-2001, 08:44 PM
I hope the Bee isn't shooting itself in the foot again. They were the first to report that he was resigning with them, you know with the quotes from Webber's temporary agent--then Webber comes back with nothing is done yet...And yet again, the Bee is reporting he's resigning with them again...Hmmmm, hope Chris makes up his freaking mind already.

07-18-2001, 09:00 PM
...The sports announcer here in Sacramento on the news said he got off the phone with Webber's agent and that he will make a statement regarding Webber's decision at 9pm pacific time...He went on to say that his sources say that Webber is on a plane heading back to Sacramento....

07-18-2001, 11:29 PM
(It's Official, Webber resigns with the Kings, his agent confirmed.)

Webber staying in Sacramento
AP Sports Writer
July 19, 2001

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Chris Webber, the biggest prize in the NBA's free agent sweepstakes, will re-sign with the Sacramento Kings, his agent said.

Webber will receive the largest possible contract under league rules, $123 million over seven years, and will sign the deal Friday or Saturday, agent Fallasha Erwin said Wednesday night.

``He's going back to Sacramento. He always wanted to go back with the Kings,'' Erwin said. ``They had to do something to drive him away rather than someone else win him over.''

Owner Joe Maloof's ear-to-ear grin at Sacramento's training complex spoke volumes about the final stages of the Kings' exhaustive courtship of their star.

Webber's decision ends a year of speculation on the talented power forward's future. After examining many options and seriously considering Indiana and Detroit, Webber apparently determined that a return to Sacramento -- which seemed improbable when the regular season ended -- was the best decision.

``He has a lot of respect for Joe Dumars, he's always idolized Isaiah Thomas, but from the very beginning I think his mind was set on going back to the Kings,'' Erwin said. ``It wasn't a difficult negotiation at all. The Maloofs wanted to make Chris happy, and we wanted to make sure we got everything we could.''

The Kings have said since last fall that they would offer Webber the maximum contract allowable. He will make $12.75 million next season.

Last season, Webber became the first Kings player in a quarter-century to make the All-NBA team. He finished sixth in scoring (27.1), seventh in rebounding (11.1) and 10th in minutes per game (40.5), shooting 48 percent from the field as the first option on the NBA's highest-scoring team.

The Kings began heavily recruiting Webber last season, with everything from a huge banner on Arco Arena reading ``C-Webb's House!'' to a billboard from owners Joe and Gavin Maloof, telling Webber that the millionaire casino magnates would mow his lawn if he stayed in Sacramento.

But Webber stuck to his decision to test the free agent market, and most observers thought Webber's reticence to talk about his future in Sacramento meant he was determined to play elsewhere. The Kings' season ended with a second-round playoff loss to the Lakers in which Webber played poorly and seemed distant to his teammates.

Earlier this month, 12 to 15 teams made pitches to Webber, but few could meet the criteria necessary to land his services. Webber said he wanted to play in a larger city than Sacramento with a team that had a chance to contend for a title.

The New York Knicks -- reportedly Webber's first choice -- had neither the cap room nor the players to make a sign-and-trade deal feasible. Other teams, including Orlando, pulled out of the sweepstakes after signing other free agents.

Faced with a rapidly narrowing set of options, Webber chose to return to a winning team with fans, coaches and owners who desperately wanted to keep him in town.

``We hope he'll choose to come back,'' owner Gavin Maloof said. ``We've been working on this for a long time, and we hope he agrees with us and what we're all trying to do. It's like the old adage: Whatever is worth having is worth fighting for.''

Three years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine Webber enjoying a future in Sacramento.

Webber was acquired by Sacramento from Washington in a trade for Mitch Richmond in 1998, and Webber nearly didn't report to his new team in the hinterlands of Northern California.

After cajoling from his father, Webber joined the Kings -- and almost immediately, he helped to lead the perennially losing team steadily up the Western Conference's standings.

With Webber as their leading scorer and rebounder, the Kings made the playoffs in each of the past three seasons. He seemed comfortable in coach Rick Adelman's run-and-gun style, and he quickly bonded with his teammates.

In 2000-01, Sacramento posted the league's fourth-best record at 55-27 -- easily the team's best mark since moving to Northern California in 1985 -- and advanced to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in two decades.

With Webber on their roster, the Kings must be considered one of the NBA's elite teams again next season. Sacramento, which re-signed guard Doug Christie on Wednesday, also added point guard Mike Bibby in a trade with the Grizzlies last month.

``He puts us back in the upper echelon of all the teams out there,'' Christie said. ``If he doesn't come back, we'll have to find other ways. We can do that, but I really think he would be best off coming back here and winning a championship with us.''

07-19-2001, 07:00 AM
I'm really happy, as an NBA fan(i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif), that CWebb resigned with the Kings cause they're just building up a great team, now they also have a good point guard: Mike Bibby, who's 100% better than Jason Williams. And the two Europeans Turkoglu and Stojakovic will improve again next season. As a Mavs fan I don't hope that, but it's gonna be like this. (http://mavs.exit.de)