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05-23-2003, 11:12 AM
These are the ones that I've seen projected at our pick, LRB...see if you like any of them...

Victor Khryapa
Birthdate: 8/3/82
NBA Position: Small Forward
Ht: 6-9
Wt: 210
European Team: CSKA Moscow
Hometown: Russia
Eurobasket Profile
Tele Basket Profile
2002 Euro U-20 Profile

Strengths: Versatility. The way he plays the set offense as a wing player is impressive. He somehow finds a way to score. His repertoire includes blowing past a defender for a monster dunk, hitting the trey if he has the time to set his feet or making the double team pay with a perfect pass (including spectacular ones). Back door cuts have become a useful weapon which indicates he is adept at the strategic side of the game. He knows how to play the low post game when matched up with a smaller player. A player of certainly more than one dimension.

-- Floor general. In the Russian Under 20 team, he is the heart and the soul. The way he directs his teammates helps the coach a lot. Is cunning enough to make the adjustments. You rarely see him make the same mistake twice, however it requires time to establish a mental presence in the NBA.

-- Open court. A killer in the open court with all the mentioned weapons. A good runner of the lane (like Hedo Turkoglu or Ryan Bowen, but not the same lethal shooting level as Peja Stojakovic) as expected from a forward but also can make the half court pass with precision as well as run the middle lane as the trailer. Can play 4 positions in the open floor.

-- Upside. He still has not reached his eventual weight which is one of the indications that there is room for physical improvement. Grew 3 inches after 18. His wingspan is huge which makes him a good shot blocker. Issues like the time taken to establish a balanced stance, committing undesired reach-in fouls will probably get resolved when he completes physical development. However, the team that drafts him might elect to let him continue to develop in Europe and add him to the roster a couple of years later as in the cases like Jaric, Ginobilli.

Weaknesses: Inexperience. Has not had the chance to demonstrate his ability on the top level. Even though there have been rumors that big clubs in Europe (Real Madrid and Barcelona) are after him, he has not seen any top level competition to this point (20 years). Considering the fact that the shift of interest to European players is partly due to their acquisition of high level competition earlier than most US players, he does not have it.

-- Defensive matchup. He always prefers to defend big men to the level that his height is not much of a disadvantage. He tries to anticipate. (Recall Divac gave Shaq more trouble than any of those huge bodies on the other teams) However, the real problem is defending perimeter players which will be priority if he plays his natural position, namely SF. He basically is not used to the defensive slide to challenge Rashard Lewis, Lamar Odom or Peja Stojakovic. His team will need to excel in 5 on 4 defense. However, the fact that he is a very hard worker will help him to make up quickly.

-- Jumpshot. Needs more consistency. It looks obvious that he does not trust it even though he seems to hit whenever he takes. The form of the shot is questionable ("blockable" would be a better adjective). Also, because of the weight balance issue, he never takes a shot after putting the ball on the floor. In other words, he does not have a pull-up jumper off the dribble which limits the effect of all the shot fakes he takes because everybody knows that he is going to pass the ball if there is a crowd around the basket. Improvement on midrange game would be great and required after a certain point.

-Emir Alkas - www.turkbasket.com


Strengths: Smart, efficient player with great fundamentals ... A versatile player who has the ability to play multiple positions on the floor. Because of this he is able to produce mismatches that he uses to his advantage ... Moves well without the ball and constantly works to get open for the quick lay-in or short jumper ... Has developed into a solid mid-range shooter although he is still far from perfect. He has shown considerable improvement from 15 feet out ... A wonderful ball handler who is capable of leading the break or driving past his defender ... Decent rebounder due to his long arms and above average leaping ability ... Excels in an open court offense as he is an adequate speed running the court and is a solid finisher in transition ... Khriapa is blessed with excellent court vision. Because of this he rarely gets trapped in double teams and always looks to set-up his teammates with the quick pass ... Has shown steady improvement and has great potential ...

Weakness: Defensively he needs to work on his lateral quickness. He seems to struggle when having to defend athletic players on the perimeter ... Unlike many of his European counterparts, Khriapa is not the seasoned pro many are at his age. The quality of his competition is questionable, limiting his development to an extent ... Shooting mechanics need to be refined as he tends to bring the ball from his waist which produces a slow release, giving his defender time to block or steal the ball ... Offensively his game remains somewhat predictable ... Confidence can wavier from time to time if he feels intimidated. Khriapa can freeze himself out of the game ... While he has back to the basket moves he doesn't posses the necessary bulk to withstand the physical pounding of the American game which will make it hard for him to set-up in the lane ... Although his shooting has improved tremendously this past year, he still has trouble shooting off the dribble as he is more of a set shooter. This could be a problem for him in terms of getting his shot off in the NBA ... Has yet to master the defensive fundamentals such as anticipation and timing that are required to be a shot-blocker ... Doesn't possess consistent 3-point range on his shot ...

-Matthew Maurer

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Rick Rickert
Birthdate: 2/11/83
NBA Position: Power Forward
College: Minnesota
Class: Sophomore
Ht: 6-11
Wt: 216
Hometown: Duluth, MN
High School: East
Team Site Profile

2002 Stats

NBA Comparison: Keith Van Horn

Strengths: Cerebral player with good feel for the game. Great outside shooter with the ability to play both inside and outside. Intense competitor with great intelligence and leadership qualities. Post skills are very smooth and his post game will really show improvement with added strength. Has a fiery competitiveness that will be an attribute.

Weaknesses: Probably better suited for the post in the L because of his lack of great foot speed and perimeter ability. Still must put on a lot of bulk and gain strength. Decent ball handler, can improve upon this. Must become better defensively, rebounding, both will be helped with filling out and gaining strength. Could slip due to scouts fear that he will have trouble putting on weight and handling the post.

-Aran Smith

Strengths: Finesse player with inside/outside abilities. Good outside shooter, who has a great mid-range shot as well. Plays well down low despite strength. His youth doesn’t show when it’s crunch time. He’s a very good leader and is not afraid to have the ball in his hands when the game's on the line. Rickert blocks a fair amount of shots despite average overall defensive qualities. Rickert is a decent free throw shooter for a big man.

Weaknesses: A bit of a tweener. Needs to focus on either the 3 or the 4 spot. Rickert has a 3’s body but the potential to be a great 4 who has range. Not an outstanding rebounder. In a fairly short Big Ten, Rickert is only averaging six rebounds a game. He's going to have to add some bulk if his going to make it at the next level. Rickert is not having the break out season that many expected from this blue chipper. Had Rickert entered the draft in 2002 he would have been a top 20 pick. Rickert still needs to work on his footwork in the post. He has some of the best fundamentals in the Big Ten as well as the NCAA. A strong knowledge of the fundamentals is what NBA coaches love. Many scouts see Rickert as an NBA small forward until he improves his post game and rebounding abilities.

-Cory Frieberg

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Zaur Pachulia
Birthdate: 1984
NBA Position: Center
Ht: 6-10
Wt: 240
Hometown: Georgia
European Team: Ulker Spor Kulubu Istanbul
Tele Basket Profile
Euroleague Profile 2002 Stats

Also known as "Zaza". He is big, pretty athletic for his size and has a good knack for shot blocking. His body hasn't totally developed yet and he sometimes looks very awkward on the floor. The next two years in his development are crucial, he has to become a better offensive post threat and keep working on his foot work. Could easily become another Georgian who makes it to the L if he will develops as expected. Raw but talented bigman. A player to keep an eye on. Moves well. Already has a lot of strength. Rebounds well. Has a lot to learn fundamentally. Has good agility and at 18 is already considered an NBA prospect. Another Georgian wonder, you would think they grow on trees there. Strong player, with surprisingly good mobility for his height and weight. He's a fundamentally sound player, does everything solid but nothing especially well, but his ballhandling skills are very solid for his size. Was pretty dominant in Junior competitions with his combination of height and weight, but has yet to prove himself in Senior competition.

Notes: Many sources list Pachulia being born in 1984. However there is speculation that he may actually be born in 1982.

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Brian Cook
Birthdate: 12/4/80
NBA Position: Power Forward
College: Illinois
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-10
Wt: 240
Hometown: Lincoln, IL
High School: Lincoln
Team Site Profile 2002 Stats

NBA Comparison: Stacey King

Strengths: Creates mismatches with his versatility as he has the ability to play both forward spots ... Shows solid post footwork when getting the ball on the block ... Prefers to catch the ball in the high post where his face up game is most effective ... Has the ability to make the 18 foot jumper with some regularity ... Great finisher around the basket where he is able to make difficult shots due to his long arms and soft touch ... Shows solid mobility for a player his size as he can run the court with ease ... Although not a spectacular rebounder but when motivated he can be a solid presence underneath the glass ... Great free throw shooter at his position ... Has a solid grasp of the fundamental aspect of the game ... Shows above average ball handling for his size ... Owns a great turnaround jump shot from 14 feet from the basket ... Does a good job of recognizing double teams ... Solid passer when he receives the ball in the high post ... Keeps the ball high after the post entry feed ...

Weaknesses: His desire is one big question mark, how badly does he want to improve? ... Athletically Cook lacks the explosive leaping ability needed to be an effective shot blocker ... Shot selection could stand improvement as he can settle for taking the perimeter jumper ... Although he has improved his back to the basket moves, he is still in need of development ... Needs to work on consistently taking opposing defenders off the dribble ... Lack of ball protection skills create a fair amount of turnovers ... Has the looks of a tweener in that he is without a true position in the NBA ... Can go through moments where his doesn't display much aggressiveness although he has improved this year ... Struggles at times when guarded by a physical defender ... Has 3-point range on his jumper but clearly can become too infatuated with firing from the top of the key ... Would benefit with adding 10-15 more pounds of muscle to his body if he is too play power forward ... Mental toughness leaves a little to be desired ... Defensively Cook must improve on playing better positional defense ... Can be foul prone from time to time ... Has problems getting the ball in the post as he doesn't always work to get good position ...

-Matthew Maurer

Strengths: Good offensive player. Excellent agility at 6-10. Very good shooter out to 3 point range.. Decent at running the floor.. Post game is developing.. Perimeter game is limited to shooting..

Weaknesses: Lacks agressiveness. Needs to mature both physically and mentally. Lacks explosiveness.Must develop overall game, defense, toughness, post offense.

Notes: Can spot up out to college three. Bread and butter is developing his post game. With more strength and aggressiveness, should develop into a great PF. Very good agility in the post. Can pass well, but not going to take players off the dribble. With added mental toughness, can be very good.

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Malick Badiane
Birthdate: 1/1/84
NBA Position: Power Forward
Ht: 6-11
Int Team: TV Langen
Hometown: Senegal

NBA Comparison: Keon Clark

The best athlete out there. The next big center out of Senegal. More athletic than all those who have been pros from Senegal before, he has terrific upside. Long arms, wide shoulders, great body. Has soft touch around the perimeter and can hit the open 15ft jumper. Good shot blocker, and outstanding rebounder. He won’t box out but will move his feet to wherever the ball is. Was the African Junior Championships best rebounder, and if Senegal guards were up to his level, he would have been the best player.

Weakness: Only problem… The mind. Has to get tougher mentally in order to get to the next level. He will never go to a US college as he signed with a club team in Germany last month. Still very raw offensively, must develop some go to moves, back to the basket skills, and a better 15 foot jump shot.

-Babacar Sy

Strengths: Very intriguing athlete who needs polish but has considerable potential. Size, agility and instincts. A very good dunker and a great shot blocker. He is very tall with extremely long arms. And has a surprisingly good shot out to 15 feet.

Weaknesses: Lacks strength and true basketball skill. Could add lots of muscle as well as a post game.
Played at the 2002 ABCD high school camp and impessed many with his athleticism and potential.

-Nathan Stacey

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Carlos Delfino
Birthdate: 8/29/82
NBA Position: SG/SF
Ht: 6-7
Wt: 191
European Team: Fortitudo Bologna
Hometown: Santa Fe, Argentina
Euroleague Profile
Tele Basket Profile

NBA Comparison: Emanuel Ginobili

Strengths: Has excellent size, scoring ability for the NBA shooting guard position. Defense is his biggest attribute. Very precocious feel for the game. One of the top international prospects in his age group.

Notes: Declared early for the 2001 NBA draft at the age of 19 before withdrawing his name from the draft. Has been among the top South American prospect of his age group for the past few years, with excellent showings in Under 20 International competitions. Plays professionally in Italy for Reggio Calabria, whom he is under contract with through 2002. In Italy, Delfino is often compared to Italian Emanuel Ginobili.

Carlos Delfino is a very good player. He can play both SF and SG, but prefers to play SG. Great athlete, great body, not overly quick. He drives very well, and he's a marksman, but he must improve his shot selection. He's erratic from three, and not a great free throw shooter (80%). (In the US this would be considered very good) Defensively he's good. Tremendous on-ball defender, very good off-ball defender. Average passer, very good rebounder. He plays for Viola, which isn't a very good team...so he has to be tested on a upper level. He never played in Euroleague, never played in Finals (at any level). He just plays every year to avoid the relegation.

05-23-2003, 11:38 AM
thx OP,great thread.

my favorites were Brian Cook-who by what said about him reminds me alot of Webber,and Malick Badiane from Senegal.
Both sound very promising.

05-23-2003, 11:47 AM
Thanks OP. Malick Badiane and Victor Khryapa and the 2 best ones that I see listed here. Sounds like we might be able to get a decent player in the draft even at 29. I sure hope so.