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I saw something on espn insider that the nuggets might trade the third overall pick because they aren't sold on carmelo.

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If you need him to get you an article the best way would be to send him a Private Message. He responds quicker to it there and it doesn't fill up Outlets Love shack with requests....

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The Crippler
05-27-2003, 05:10 PM
Rumors: Is Denver Melo on Anthony?
By Chad Ford
NBA Insider
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Updated: May 27
9:44 AM ET

By now we know the Cavs will select LeBron James with the first pick in the NBA Draft and the Pistons will select Darko Milicic at No. 2. That means the Nuggets will select Carmelo Anthony with the third pick, right?

Umm ... let's not get ahead of ourselves. James is a godsend to Cleveland in every way imaginable. Darko eventually will give the Pistons the low-post scorer they've coveted for years. Both players are obvious fits, and both teams have been high on them for months. In other words, don't expect the Cavs or Pistons to trade these guys away, unless names like Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant are thrown around.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, have a mini-dilemma at No. 3. They like Carmelo. They think he's definitely the best player left on the board. It's just that he isn't James or Milicic (both are rated much higher on the draft board), and he's not an ideal fit in their system. The Nuggets already have two young small forwards for whom they have high hopes, Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Rodney White. Although Carmelo may have more upside, and certainly more star power, with so many other holes on the Nuggets, it isn't a slam dunk he'll land in Denver.

That poses an interesting dilemma for Kiki Vandeweghe & Co. Do they take Carmelo, like everyone expects, or do they listen to trade offers for him? Several teams later in the lottery are much higher on Carmelo and might be willing to offer a lottery pick and a young star in return.

Who's interested? Try just about everyone who missed out on one of the top three spots of the lottery. The Raptors, Heat, Bulls, Wizards, Grizzlies and the T-Wolves appear to be the most eager players if a Carmelo sweepstakes develops.

Could the Nuggets actually make out better by trading away the chance to land Anthony?

In most circumstances, the answer is no. The Raptors have little to offer, unless they're ready to dump Vince Carter (they aren't). The Heat are in the same position, unless they're willing to jettison Caron Butler (they aren't, either). And the T-Wolves probably would love to find a way to swap Wally Szczerbiak for Anthony, but with Szczerbiak's new extension kicking in this year, forget about it.

The Bulls, Wizards and Grizzlies, on the other hand, have some interesting assets to offer.

We start with the Bulls because frankly, they have the most ammunition. Would an offer of Jay Williams or Jamal Crawford and the No. 7 pick pique the Nuggets' interest? Denver is very high on French two guard Mickael Pietrus. In one swoop, the Nuggets could give their backcourt a major, major upgrade. If you're the Bulls, the trade makes a lot of sense. They need to thin out their backcourt, and they really need a versatile small forward.

Losing Williams or Crawford (sources say new GM John Paxson is higher on Crawford) won't be the end of the world, and there isn't another small forward available at No. 7 with nearly the upside of Carmelo. They've been drafting in the lottery for the past five years, but they've never been able to land an elite talent like Carmelo ... until now?

The Wizards don't have as much ammunition, but they do have a former No. 1 pick and the No. 10 pick in this year's lottery. If the team continues to clear house post-MJ, expect it to at least entertain the idea of trading Kwame Brown. If Brown is really as good as some people in the league think, it could be hard for Kiki to pass up the chance to grab another 7-footer and a lottery pick. Pietrus could still be on the board (though the Bulls are high on him) at No. 10. Add Gilbert Arenas to the mix, and the Nuggets are rolling again.

Jerry West has been very vocal about his feeling that Anthony, not Darko, should be the No. 2 pick. Is he willing to put his roster where his mouth is? Kiki wouldn't pass on the chance to swap the No. 3 pick for Pau Gasol. Just exactly how much does Mr. West actually like Anthony? It's food for thought.

More trade talk

The Nuggets aren't the only ones willing to trade out for the right price.

Heat president Pat Riley already has begun working up scenarios to trade the Heat's No. 5 draft pick, according to one NBA source. Now that he knows he can't nab one of the top three players, he's willing to ship out No. 5 in return for a veteran who can help his team win now. The rumors he wants Hawks forward Shareef Abdur-Rahim have been floating around for weeks. However, the Hawks actually would have to take Eddie Jones or Brian Grant off the Heat's hands to do that deal. I'm not sure how that makes either team that much better.

The Bulls aren't happy at No. 7. If they can't move up and land Anthony, they'd be willing to move out, if they could land a veteran small forward in return. Given the amount of talent the Bulls can deal, our guess is someone will work with them. Shane Battier isn't a veteran, but the Bulls were interested in him this summer. Is he, along with the Grizzlies' No. 27 pick, worth the Bulls' No. 7 pick? If the Bulls want to win now, the answer might be yes.

If Texas point guard T. J. Ford isn't going to fall to No. 8 (it looks like Toronto likes him at No. 4 and the Clippers would snatch him up at No. 6) don't be shocked if the Bucks try to trade that pick (obtained from Atlanta in the Glenn Robinson trade). They aren't nearly as high on the other top point guards in the draft and want to shore up that position early in case Gary Payton decides to bolt.

If Knicks GM Scott Layden is confident Chris Kaman won't be on the board at No. 9, he, too, will try to trade out of this year's draft. There isn't anyone else out there who can really help the Knicks. Reports they're high on Mike Sweetney or Sofaklis Schortsanitis are a bit silly. Given the abundance of power forwards (many of them undersized) already on their roster (Antonio McDyess, Kurt Thomas, Clarence Weatherspoon and Othella Harrington to name four), exactly how is Sweetney or the 17-year-old Schortsanitis supposed to help Layden reach his stated goal of making the playoffs next year?

The Magic know they'll probably need to be drafting higher than No. 15 to get the guy they're after, Marquette's Dwyane Wade. But what do they have to offer? With most of their players hitting the free-agent market this summer; Doc Rivers can't afford to dump anyone, unless someone's willing to take Pat Garrity or Grant Hill off his hands.

More draft rumblings

Several top European prospects are expected to arrive in the U.S. this week to begin workouts. Yugoslavia's Alexsandar Pavlovic and Slavko Vranes arrived in New York this weekend to begin working out with Darko Milicic. They'll start individual workouts next week. Spain's Maciej Lampe will also be here soon. His team, Universidad Complutense, was eliminated this weekend. Lampe played well in the series, averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds. He'll arrive in Chicago this week and begin training with Tim Grover at Hoops Gym.

Several top draft prospects, including Dwyane Wade and Leandrinho Barbosa, are earning early draft buzz. Wade got rave reviews for a workout in Chicago on Friday. "He's got an unbelievable first step," one Bulls source told Insider. However, the Bulls are looking for a wing player who can shoot the ball, and Wade really meets neither description. The day before Barbosa came in and impressed Bulls brass with what the same Bulls source called "amazing athleticism." Barbosa also worked out in Milwaukee to strong reviews. "He's very long and active," a Bucks source told Insider. "He's got the chance to be really good; I'm just not sure how long it will take."

BYU's Travis Hansen has been working out alongside Duke's Dahntay Jones. Hansen is considered the more complete player, but Jones may be the best athlete in the draft. So how did the two stack up in workouts? "Jones is an amazing athlete," one NBA team told Insider, "but what amazed us is how well Hansen hung with him. I'll be shocked if Hansen isn't drafted in the first round. Jones may be too. They're both playing really well."

With that little prediction, we'll have to increase the number of first-rounders to 50 to get everyone in. The most interesting was the Charlotte Observer, which wrote a piece marveling over why Josh Howard isn't a mid-first-rounder. The story blamed the Internet (when in doubt ...) for Howard's slip.

As the coaching carousel turns

With Larry Brown's resignation on Monday, there are now seven (Hawks, Cavs, Rockets, Clippers, Hornets, Sixers and Raptors) coaching positions open. If the Wizards fire Doug Collins as expected, that will make eight.

I think a lot of us assumed that Brown would kick back and retire for a while. But now I keep hearing that he could be heading back to the Clippers. Meanwhile, Jeff Van Gundy is dating both the Rockets and Cavs. And Paul Silas is standing around waiting to see where Brown and Van Gundy end up.

In a perfect world, here is how the NBA coaching carousel should look when it finally stops spinning:

Larry Brown: Clippers. It makes sense folks. He's one of the few coaches who has a great relationship with Donald Sterling. With Brown taking the reigns, Sterling might feel more comfortable about actually signing a guy or two. Brown's greatest achievement could be turning around a Clippers squad with all of the talent in the world, but no clue how to put it all together.

Jeff Van Gundy: Rockets. He'd be crazy not to take this job. With Steve Francis, Yao Ming and young players like Eddie Griffin and Bostjan Nachbar already in place, the team has nowhere to go but up. A little Van Gundy discipline is all they need to be a playoff contender.

Paul Silas: Cavs. The Cavs need a good coach, and Silas is the best coach on the board. Players love him, because he's nurturing. But he's also strict enough to keep them in line. He'll have to be patient with this squad, but there could be some serious rewards.

Maurice Cheeks: Sixers. He'd bolt the Portland madhouse in a second to get a chance to coach back home.

Eddie Jordan: Raptors. Jordan knows a thing or two about coaching great point guards. If the Raptors take T. J. Ford as expected, they should be ready to roll right back into the playoffs.

Doug Collins: Blazers. I know it's a long shot, but I'd love to see it, wouldn't you? Doug crying his eyes out over the dead-head Blazers every night makes great copy. Don't go into the light Doug. Stay away from the light.

Tim Floyd: Hornets. I believe in second chances. The fact he didn't hang himself in Chicago is a plus. The Hornets are a good team. With the right coach, they'll stay that way.

Mike Dunleavy: Wizards. He has to resurface somewhere, doesn't he?

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I love Chris Bosch. If Toronto takes TJ Ford, and if there were a way to snag Miami's pick. I trade almost anbody to get their pick.

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Nice put back, Crippler.

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