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06-03-2003, 08:40 AM
Mavs scout Amadou Fall has claimed Badaine is the best product he's ever scouted in Senegal. For those of you who don't know, Fall was the man who discovered Dasagna Diop and sent him to Oak Hill. Apparently, Badaine has recently signed with a German club team, so Selenjager, if you can catch him, let us know how he looks.

Here's an except from an interview he did with Hoopshype:


There was an NBA scout in the game against Ulm and you had a great performance. What are your plans for the future? Do you consider entering the NBA Draft in 2004?

Malick Badiane: I don't know it yet. I'll talk to my agent and we will decide what's best. I played in the States last year at the Global Games in Texas and at the ABCD Camp and I might go to the States again once the season here [in Germany] is over.

Where do you see your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

MB: I really like rebounding and blocking shots -- that's where I'm good at. But I need to gain more experience in my game. Everything is still new to me, as I came from Senegal just a year ago.

Who is you favorite NBA player and which is your favorite NBA team?

MB: My favorite player is Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves, but my favorite team is Dallas. I liked the Lakers last year, but this year Dallas is my favorite team.

Why did you choose to play in Germany instead of going to a high school or a college in the States?

MB: I visited some colleges in the U.S., but the [Frankfurt] Skyliners gave me the chance to practice with big men like Mario Kasun [41st overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft] and Robert Maras, and I learn from them. And the Skyliners really take care of me. They really help me to be a better player.

What are your plans regarding the Senegalese national team?

MB: We want to go to the Olympics, so we have to qualify for the African Championships in Egypt. That's why I will join the team in Senegal, where we will try to win the qualifying tournament for Egypt and then for the Olympics.

Who do you think is the best talent out of Senegal who could become a great player, but is still in Senegal?

MB: I saw Souleymane Camara last year playing at the African Championships and he's a great player. He's playing for Kentucky and he will go to the NBA, I heard. A good player in Senegal right now is Muhammadou Kadir Pene of US Goree. He's playing the two and the three spot and he's very talented but still in Senegal

06-03-2003, 10:30 AM
Curently at #34 Mr. Malick Badiane:

Malick Badiane
Birthdate: 1/1/84
NBA Position: Power Forward
Ht: 6-11
Int Team: TV Langen
Hometown: Senegal

NBA Comparison: Keon Clark

The best athlete out there. The next big center out of Senegal. More athletic than all those who have been pros from Senegal before, he has terrific upside. Long arms, wide shoulders, great body. Has soft touch around the perimeter and can hit the open 15ft jumper. Good shot blocker, and outstanding rebounder. He won’t box out but will move his feet to wherever the ball is. Was the African Junior Championships best rebounder, and if Senegal guards were up to his level, he would have been the best player.

Weakness: Only problem… The mind. Has to get tougher mentally in order to get to the next level. He will never go to a US college as he signed with a club team in Germany last month. Still very raw offensively, must develop some go to moves, back to the basket skills, and a better 15 foot jump shot.

-Babacar Sy

Strengths: Very intriguing athlete who needs polish but has considerable potential. Size, agility and instincts. A very good dunker and a great shot blocker. He is very tall with extremely long arms. And has a surprisingly good shot out to 15 feet.

Weaknesses: Lacks strength and true basketball skill. Could add lots of muscle as well as a post game.
Played at the 2002 ABCD high school camp and impessed many with his athleticism and potential.

-Nathan Stacey