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06-04-2003, 05:57 PM
Frightening Flight Frays Nets' Nerves

From Star news services
June 4, 2003

The turbulence on the New Jersey Nets' flight to San Antonio was so extreme that at least one player said he thought he was about to die.

"It's one of three flights I felt like, 'Hey, I thought it was going to be over with,' " Nets guard Lucious Harris said. "It was really bad. Everyone got real quiet on the plane."

The Nets arrived Monday to prepare for tonight's opener of the NBA Finals. Their charter flight approached the airport at about the same time as a thunderstorm, the players said, prompting the pilot to abort at least one landing attempt.

"It was very, very windy," center Jason Collins said. "It almost seemed like the plane was flying sideways at one point. I've flown hundreds and hundreds of times and never had it that bad."

At first, Collins said, it was just a few bumps. Bumps became jolts, and then it really got bad.

"After a while it was like, 'Hey, we're not getting to the ground,' " Collins said. "The main thing I was thinking is, 'We don't have to land at this airport. We have the extra day. Let's go up to Dallas if we have to and we'll just drive in.' "

Collins said Harris actually yelled at the pilot, telling him to consider other options.

"Lucious yelled, 'Don't be a hero,' " Collins said. Harris said he did yell at the pilot after the aborted landing.

Lucious Harris to pilot: "Don't be a hero man!"