View Full Version : The Cheaper, the Better !?

07-26-2001, 07:47 AM
Tim Hudson
1999 11 Wins 2 Losses 3.23 ERA
2000 20 Wins 6 Losses 4.14 ERA
2001 12 Wins 5 Losses 2.98 ERA

In 1999, he defeated both Big Unit and Pedro,
they were both Cy Young winners at the same year.
Despite all this, he is CHEAP ...
his last year's salary was about 250 grand,
and this year he only costs about 550 grand,
550 grand is about one quarter of the majorleague average salary,
In fact, he is SuperCheap, and SuperGood ...
All I want is Tim Hudson and ENTIRE Minnesota Twins starting players.
they are still cheaper than ONE A-Rod, but they play really well,
So the cheaper the better !!!