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Chicago JK
06-18-2003, 12:20 PM
Mock draft update: Scuttlebutt and rumors abound

June 17, 2003 Print it

One man's pick 'em: Deveney's updated first round
It's that time again, kids -- time for another edition of the Sporting News mock draft, which is once again in flux.

Some things are coming more clearly into focus, but still, the best advice here is to take everything with a grain of salt. They don't call these things "mock" drafts for nothing.

We'll start with some juicy rumors and scuttlebutt from around the league. This is also known as Misinformation Week around the NBA, when crafty GMs, scouts and agents take advantage of helpless keyboard tappers like me by feeding us facts and figures that have as much foundation as a teepee. The goal, of course, is that other GMs might somehow be swayed by those facts and figures we report.

What this all means, I think, is that everyone around the league thinks everyone else is stupid. Perhaps that includes me. Still, I will present what I have learned here, and remember, don't believe everything that you read. Unless you read it here, of course.

THE FLAP OVER WHETHER DENVER would pass on Carmelo Anthony was baseless -- Anthony did not have the opportunity to work out for the Nuggets until Monday, and in the meantime, several teams called Denver GM Kiki Vandeweghe, including the Bulls.
Of course, Vandeweghe was willing to listen to offers, but by no means was he seeking to drop out of the No. 3 spot. The Nuggets were very impressed with Anthony and, in turn, he was happy with the organization. When the team showed Anthony the locker room Monday, there was an "Anthony" nameplate positioned above one of them. It would be a pretty cruel joke if the Nuggets printed the nameplate with no intention of drafting Anthony.

SHOULD THERE BE CONCERN about center Pavel Podkolzine's original Russian team, Novosibirsk, which let him go to play for Metis Varese in Italy? Word is that Novosibirsk is claiming that Podkolzine still is their property. Sounds like a money-grab by a team that made a 7-4 mistake, which means Podkolzine should not have trouble staying in the NBA.

THE HEAT ARE ALSO VERY INTERESTED in Polish power forward Maciej Lampe, and he seems certain to land in the top eight -- the Bucks, picking eighth, won't let him past that spot. Miami may be willing to use the fifth pick on Lampe, who got more good news this week. According to his agent, Keith Kreiter, doctors told the 6-11 Lampe that he still has another two or three inches of growth left.

WORD IS TEXAS POINT GUARD T.J. FORD'S STOCK is tumbling, because of his lack of size and strength. He measured at a good height -- 6-0 -- in Chicago, but one source says he could not bench press 185 pounds.

TROY BELL HAS BEEN VERY IMPRESSIVE in workouts, and according to his agent, Bill Duffy, Bell graded out as the top athlete in the draft during the Chicago pre-draft camp. He played well in the camp, too, which could earn the Boston College point guard a first-round spot in the 20s.

SMALL FORWARD ZARKO CABARKAPA'S MOTHER is seriously ill with a blood clot, which is the reason he stopped workouts and went back to Serbia-Montenegro, according to Duffy. Because of the illness, Duffy says, "He may opt to play in Europe next year." Cabarkapa won't pull his name out of the draft, though. With so many teams working against the luxury tax, another year in Europe might not work against Cabarkapa.

BRAZILIAN POINT GUARD LEANDRO BARBOSA has been struggling with a hip flexor problem that forced him to call off a workout in Boston, which was unfortunate, because the Celtics seem very interested in him. Even some of the team's owners were on hand for the workout, which would have gone on except that Celtics trainers decided Barbosa was too sore to go.
According to his agent, Mike Coyne, Barbosa will try to work out again this weekend, but, "What he really needs is 10 days of rest and rehab. Unfortunately, we don't have 10 days."

Coyne also says that the Raptors, who pick fourth, and the Heat, who pick fifth, called with interest in seeing Barbosa. Barbosa is not a top-5 pick, so clearly, there is evidence that both Toronto and Miami are exploring their ability to move down in the draft.

Chicago JK
06-18-2003, 12:24 PM
and their mock. I will be shocked if SA takes Walton. I favor them heavily of taking another foreign player or High schooler. It won't be Walton though.

Pick 'em: Possible first-round selections

June 17, 2003 Print it

Here is Sporting News' latest projection for first-round picks in the 2003 NBA Draft. Picks and selection order are subject to change.

Pick Team, selection Comment
1. Cleveland: LeBron James, SG, 6-8, 245, St. Vincent-St. Mary H.S. (Akron, Ohio). Sure, he's the second coming, but where he will play, and with whom, still are questions for the Cavs.
2. Detroit: Darko Milicic, PF, 7-0, 250, Hemofarm Vrsac (Yugoslavia). Detroit needs a big man to develop as a scorer next to Ben Wallace. They'll get one.
3. Denver: Carmelo Anthony, SF, 6-7, 233, Syracuse. Now that he has worked out for the Nuggets, all seems settled.
4. Toronto: Pavel Podkolzine, C, 7-5, 303, Metis Varese (Italy). They're shopping, because the Raptors believe they can be a playoff team with a well-placed trade. But the chance at an intriguing center could prove irresistible.
5. Miami: Maciej Lampe, PF, 7-0, 255, Universidad Complutense (Spain). One of the mystery men in the draft, but Lampe is big and versatile, and the Heat have shown interest. Miami seems to be shying away from PG T.J. Ford and actively seeking a trade.
6. Clippers: Chris Bosh, PF, 6-11, 225, Georgia Tech. A steal at this point, Clips get another young, athletic big man to go with Melvin Ely and Chris Wilcox. And, heck, maybe even Elton Brand.
7. Chicago: Mickael Pietrus, SG, 6-6, 200, Pau Orthez (France). Tough perimeter defender answers Chicago's need. But the Bulls also will consider SG/SF Jarvis Hayes and G Dwyane Wade. With Memphis longing to land Pietrus, a trade down is possible.
8. Milwaukee: T.J. Ford, PG, 6-0, 162, Texas. It appears that the Bucks will be frozen out of the size market, though they could go for a power forward like Mike Sweetney. But the team would be hard-pressed to pass on lightning-fast Ford at this point, and start him off as a backup to PG Sam Cassell.
9. New York: Dwyane Wade, SG, 6-4, 212, Marquette. OK, you're thinking, another shooting guard on the Knicks? Two things, though: New York will be looking to move SF Latrell Sprewell, and Wade is a possibility at the point, too. There are no big men good enough to warrant this pick, and Wade's too good to pass on.
10. Washington: Kirk Hinrich, PG, 6-3, 186, Kansas. Efficient, reliable point guard for the Wiz, who are without a point man. They could look to go bigger, with Jarvis Hayes or Chris Kaman, but Hinrich has had very good workouts.
11. Golden State: Leandro Barbosa, PG, 6-3, 176, Bauru (Brazil). Barbosa has a Gilbert Arenas-type game, which is good, because that's the guy he could be replacing. He's had trouble with his hip, but he had already worked out for Golden State. He probably won't get past Seattle at No. 14.
12. Seattle: Chris Kaman, C, 7-0, 252, Central Michigan. One of the few true centers on the board, and the Sonics are in need of size. Kaman has a short wingspan, though, and hasn't been bowling over teams in workouts, which has caused him to drop.
13. Memphis: Jarvis Hayes, SF, 6-7, 220, Georgia. Hayes, Pietrus and Wade are fighting for the top 3 wing player spots after LeBron. The Grizzlies would like Pietrus first, and probably Wade second, but they should be happy to get Hayes, a very good screen shooter.
14. Seattle: Mike Sweetney, PF, 6-8, 260, Georgetown. Sonics got younger by trading for Ray Allen last season, and by adding two post men, they could finally get bigger, too. A lineup of Brent Barry, Allen, Rashard Lewis, Sweetney and Kaman has potential.
15. Orlando: Luke Ridnour, PG, 6-1, 167, Oregon. Teams are wondering about Ridnour's defense and footwork, which was a problem against quicker guards during the college season. Those concerns have dropped him, but the Magic need scoring and a point guard.
16. Boston: Aleksandar Pavlovic, SG, 6-7, 210, Buducnost (Yugoslavia). Lacking depth on the bench, the Celtics can be fluid at this spot. A big, rangy shooter like Pavlovic could help carry the scoring load, and the Celtics probably can afford to wait till the 20th pick to get a point guard. Zarko Cabarkapa is a possibility here, too.
17. Phoenix: Zarko Cabarkapa, SF, 6-11, 235, Buducnost (Yugoslavia). He's gone home to Serbia-Montenegro, but Cabarkapa did get in a workout for the Suns, and looked good. If he wants to stay in Europe, the Suns probably would not mind, because they will be well over the luxury-tax threshold next year, and can put off paying Cabarkapa a year.
18. New Orleans: Boris Diaw, SG, 6-8, 203, Pau Orthez (France). The Hornets need depth and athleticism. They have not scouted Europe much, but Diaw is, perhaps, the draft's best athlete. He struggles with his shot some, too. If the Hornets think they will lose PF P.J. Brown as a free agent (they probably won't), then the Hornets could go for Nick Collison here.
19. Utah: Nick Collison, PF, 6-10, 255, Kansas. Collison has done a good job in workouts, shooting the ball well and rebounding tenaciously. They'll need a new guy to handle the Mailman's pick-and-roll route (Illinois's Brian Cook is possible).
20. Boston: Marcus Banks, PG, 6-2, 220, UNLV. Banks is super-quick and pesky defensively, giving the Celtics a guy who can lead their hectic offense. Boston is in the market for point guards, but they could leave that issue for free agency or go for a combo guard like 6-7 Zoran Planinic or Reece Gaines.
21. Atlanta: Reece Gaines, PG, 6-6, 205, Louisville. Gaines has the size the Hawks need at the point, especially if they hope to keep Jason Terry. He also has toughness and polish, and can play right away. Atlanta may look at Planinic here, too.
22. New Jersey: Sofoklis Schortsanitis, PF, 6-9, 255, Iraklis (Greece). Enormous, strong 18-year-old big guy is very raw. If his workouts go well, he could move up on the board, but the Nets probably will be willing to take a flier on him if he's around at this point.
23. Portland: Ndudi Ebi, PF, 6-9, 195, Westbury Christian HS (Houston). The Blazers goofed on Jermaine O'Neal; now they get a second chance at working with a high school forward. Ebi had some good workouts, but may pull his name out of the draft if he's uncertain that he'll be a first-rounder.
24. Los Angeles Lakers: David West, PF, 6-9, 240, Xavier. West is not the toughest guy, but he has long arms, can shoot and would give the Lakers a useful big guy off the bench. Most years, West would not be around this late, but this is a very strange draft.
25. Detroit: Travis Hansen, SG, 6-6, 210, BYU. He raised his stock significantly at the Chicago camp, and his confident shooting stroke should make him a first-rounder. The Pistons could use a shooter off the bench, and Hansen is a good fit.
26. Minnesota: Zoran Planinic, PG/SG, 6-7, 195, Cibona Zagreb. Planinic has done well in workouts, and has shown he can play some point guard. That's got to have the Timberwolves interested, especially with his size and the possibility of pairing him with SG Troy Hudson.
27. Memphis: Carlos Delfino, SG, 6-6, 230, Skipper Bologna (Italy). This pick could be included in a deal if Memphis moves up. But the Grizz need all the defensive help they can get, and Delfino can defend outside.
28. San Antonio: Luke Walton, SF, 6-8, 245, Arizona. The Spurs could take a chance on a European player (Viktor Khryapa, Zaur Pachulia, Szymon Szewczyk), or a young project, but this is a team set up to win now. Walton played well in Chicago, and his overall experience level could attract the Spurs.
29. Dallas: Viktor Khryapa, SF, 6-9, 210, CSKA Moscow (Russia). The Mavs could go with a big-man project, but Khryapa is a solid, long defender, and the Mavs will take those where they can find them.

06-18-2003, 12:33 PM
hope it's true that both toronto and Miami are shopping their picks....

Everything I've seen says that the Mavs are trying hard to move up to the 4 or 5. unfortunately, it's been reported that SA is trying to do the same.

(At this point, though, I think EVERYONE is contacting Toronto and Miami to find out a price for those picks)

I really hope that we're trying to move up...it would go a long ways towards convincing me that the Mavs are really planning for the future. our "window" isn't just the next 2-3 years....it's Dirk and the next 8 years.

Tony tha Mavs fan
06-18-2003, 01:05 PM
I wonder who the Spurs would have to offer, I highly doubt they would give up tony parker, ginobilli, or rose (the only "talent" worth taking) for a top draft pick, I know the Mavs have something they can deal, but i'm not sure what the spurs got.

But if the Mavs are really trying to move up , I'd really love to get Chris Bosh in here. Everyone is already comparing him to Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett . But my gut is telling me the Mavs are trying to get the 7'5 russian so they will have someone to compete against Yao Ming in the future.

06-18-2003, 01:47 PM
Really bothers me that Ford might end up in Miami 'cause that closes the door on the NVE for Brian Grant trade. Regardless, wherever Ford ends up, I think we should dangle Avery Johnson for a trade so that Ford has a "mentor."

06-18-2003, 01:51 PM
personally i would also prefer to see us pick bosh because i have seen the kid play and know that he can play. pavel may be good, but i have no clue, really. i am hoping the nelsons really know what they are doing if they trade up and that this doesn't just become another leon smith-type disaster.