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06-20-2003, 11:18 AM
NBA Mock Draft III
By Chad Ford and Andy Katz
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Updated: June 20
12:18 PM ET

CHICAGO -- Now that the talent pool is set and underclassmen are done "testing" their draft stock, the first round of next week's NBA draft is becoming a little more clear.

Or maybe not.

Yes, by this time next week, LeBron will be a Cavalier, Darko will be shopping for a home in Detroit and Carmelo will be on a Rocky Mountain high, but the next 26 picks remain in flux with just six days to go until Thursday's draft.

Insider's Chad Ford and ESPN.com's Andy Katz break down the first round as it could unfold June 26. Today, Ford makes the odd-numbered picks, while Katz fills in the even-numbered picks.

Note: For players who participated in the Chicago pre-draft combine, heights (with shoes) and weights listed are official combine results. Non-combine participants are listed with their roster or media-guide measurements.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James
Small Forward | 6-8, 240 | Draft Player Card
St. Mary/St. Vincent (Ohio) High School

Chad Ford's Pick: General manager Jim Paxson and coach Paul Silas are quickly developing a game plan for James. They plan on playing him at the point, using Ricky Davis at the off guard, and Darius Miles at small forward. Dajuan Wagner will come off the bench. Paxson believes that if James eventually will be a NBA point, he might as well dive into the deep end of the pool now. Andy Katz's Take: James' biggest concern is ensuring that he and Coach Silas understand one another as soon as possible. James should play in the summer league to get his feet wet in the NBA. If he does, the Cavs will have a head start in their exhausting rebuilding process. James also needs to get with Wagner, Davis, Miles and Carlos Boozer to make sure this crew can mesh well enough to win.

2. Detroit Pistons
Darko Milicic
Power Forward | 7-1, 250 | Draft Player Card
KK Hemofarm | Serbia

Andy Katz's Pick: The question will be how much playing time Milicic will get as a rookie. Milicic needs to play summer league ball so new coach Larry Brown has confidence in him going into fall training camp. Brown's affection for international players could grow in August when the U.S. is in Puerto Rico trying to qualify for the 2004 Olympics. Brown, head coach of Team USA, may have even more of an appreciation for Milicic's game after the international tournament. Chad Ford's Take: The only question left with Darko is how much he'll contribute in year one. Brown isn't fond of rookies, but Darko isn't your ordinary rookie. After playing two years in the senior league of Yugoslavia, he should be able to give the Pistons solid minutes right out of the gate.

3. Denver Nuggets
Carmelo Anthony
Small Forward | 6-7, 234 | Draft Player Card
Freshman | Syracuse

Chad Ford's Pick: The Nuggets rolled out the red carpet for Anthony last week and gave even more signs that he's their guy at No. 3. However, as the trade offers keep rolling in you have to begin wondering whether the Nuggets are getting closer to that offer they can't refuse. Andy Katz's Take: The Nuggets might not keep this pick, but if they do, they will select Anthony. Denver would be making a major mistake by selecting anyone else. Anthony is the most suited to contribute next season as the top collegian in this draft. He should help the Nuggets immediately and put them on the road to recovery. If the pick gets shipped out of Denver, the Nuggets better get someone who can score.

4. Toronto Raptors
Chris Bosh
Power Forward | 6-11, 225 | Draft Player Card
Freshman | Georgia Tech

Andy Katz's Pick: Bosh's workouts have gone well, and the Raptors need someone who can come in and contribute next season. He's a shot-blocker, defensive rebounder and a developing offensive presence. The Raptors once had Keon Clark, and Bosh has a chance to bring a similar presence back to Toronto. The Raptors could look at Chris Kaman or T.J. Ford, but Bosh is more of a sure thing for a team desperate for production out of this position. Chad Ford's Take: Sources inside the Raptors told me Tuesday that Bosh had moved to the top of their list. A strong workout Wednesday did nothing to change their minds. Still, there is a lot of talk about the Raptors trading the pick. Several teams like Boston, Portland, Detroit and Dallas are really high on Bosh.

5. Miami Heat
Maciej Lampe
Forward | 7-0, 240 | Draft Player Card
Real Madrid | Poland

Chad Ford's Pick: Pat Riley's been in denial for too long. He's been searching for a big three that shoots the ball from the perimeter since Lamar Odom worked out for him four years ago. Lampe, at 18, may be raw, but he's probably the best prospect left on the board. He's got the size (7-0) the body (265) and that sweet touch from the perimeter. The only question? Can the Heat wait a year on him? If the answer is no, they'll go with Dwyane Wade. Andy Katz's Take: This may be way too high for Lampe. The Heat is high on Lampe, but this could be too big a leap. The safer picks are Ford or Kaman. Riley needs help right away and can't afford to wait a few seasons for Lampe to develop. The difference is, Lampe is as mature as most players in this draft. He'll understand Riley's teaching and will work hard for minutes. Picking Lampe at five would be a gutsy move and could be questioned.

6. Los Angeles Clippers
Dwyane Wade
Shooting Guard | 6-4, 212 | Draft Player Card
Junior | Marquette

Andy Katz's Pick: This should have been Pavel Podkolzine, but the Siberian giant withdrew from the draft. The Clippers are always hard to figure, and the obvious answer would be Ford or Kaman here. But the Clippers could go with the best available talent left on the board, and that's Wade. Positions don't mean much on the Clippers, because players come and go so quickly that there usually isn't a long-term commitment. Wade is a versatile wing who can score in a variety of ways. His personable demeanor would be a hit in L.A. Chad Ford's Take: I know there has been a lot of talk coming out of L.A. about Wade, but I think it's smoke. They've loved T.J. Ford for a long time. GM Elgin Baylor saw first-hand what a little guard like Earl Boykins could do. A combination of Ford and Marko Jaric at point guard gives the Clippers the best of both worlds.

7. Chicago Bulls
Michael Pietrus
Shooting Guard | 6-6, 210 | Draft Player Card
EB Pau-Orthez | France

Chad Ford's Pick: I'm not sure if the Bulls will actually have this pick on draft night. But if they don't, it's because Memphis has traded up to grab it. Either way, it looks like Pietrus is the guy here. The Grizzlies have him ranked as the No. 5 prospect on their board. The Bulls are more divided, but if Wade and Lampe are off the board, he's a slam dunk. Andy Katz's Take: No arguments on this pick. The Bulls could trade Pietrus, but they have been scouting him extensively. The last-minute trip to France by B.J. Armstrong proves the Bulls' commitment to Pietrus. He's playing in the French playoffs and will be well-seasoned for the Bulls, or whomever he lands with next season. His productivity on the wing makes him a possible impact player next season.

8. Milwaukee Bucks
T.J. Ford
Point Guard | 6-0, 162 | Draft Player Card
Sophomore | Texas

Andy Katz's Pick: This will shock some of the Ford loyalists in Austin, but he has a chance to slide down a few notches. The Bucks would love to get either Ford or Kirk Hinrich. If given the choice, they would go with Ford, who could replace Gary Payton and team up with Sam Cassell. The questions dogging Ford are his size, strength and shooting -- but his quickness and floor leadership can erase the doubts. Chad Ford's Take: With owner Herb Kohl trying to sell, Gary Payton is as good as gone. Kohl won't want to give Payton a lucrative long-term deal while the franchise is still up for sale. If Ford is on the board, Milwaukee is doing back flips. They love him. However, I don't believe he'll slip past the Clippers at No. 6. If he's gone, I think KU's Hinrich is the guy. He has impressed them in workouts and has the experience to step in right away.

9. New York Knicks
Chris Kaman
Center | 7-0, 252 | Draft Player Card
Junior | Central Michigan

Chad Ford's Pick: No one was happier than Kaman when Podkolzine pulled out of the draft Thursday. Kaman was battling Podkolzine for this pick, and it appeared the Knicks were leaning toward Podkolzine. Now, Kaman is the logical choice. He's the only big man in the draft who could make a difference for the Knicks in the short term. Andy Katz's Take: The Knicks have to get a player who can produce next season. Kaman is the anti-New Yorker, loving a calm, quiet Midwestern lifestyle. But he'll have to get used to the critics. Kaman won't get past the Knicks, unless they saw some blatant flaws in his game. They could consider Nick Collison or Hinrich at this spot, but it's hard to imagine Kaman sliding past the Knicks.

10. Washington Wizards
Kirk Hinrich
Point Guard | 6-3 | 186 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Kansas

Andy Katz's Pick: Hinrich would be a steal for the Wizards. Eddie Jordan should love coaching a guy like this. He can push the basketball like Jason Kidd and is a crafty defender. Hinrich is a combo guard, but that shouldn't matter in Jordan's system. He can play, regardless of the exact positioning on the court. The Wizards' general manager situation puts this pick in flux a bit, but they still will go with the best available player more than with need. Chad Ford's Take: The Wizards need a little help everywhere. If Hinrich is on the board, I think they'd snatch him up in a heartbeat. New head coach Eddie Jordan likes to play up-tempo, and no one in the draft does that better than Hinrich. However, if Hinrich goes to Milwaukee at No. 8, I think the Wizards will play it safe and draft his teammate, Nick Collison.

11. Golden State Warriors
Nick Collison
Power Forward | 6-10, 255 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Kansas

Chad Ford's Pick: No one completely understands what goes through GM Garry St. Jean's mind. But it's always safe to take the road less traveled with the Warriors. If Gilbert Arenas leaves, they'll need a point in the worst way. But guys like Luke Ridnour and Reece Gaines haven't wowed them. So, like the last two years (with Jason Richardson and Mike Dunleavy), they go with a player that just so happens to play at a position where they don't need any help. It's the Warriors' way. Andy Katz's Take: This would be a surprise. Collison could go higher at No. 9 but is coveted by Seattle at No. 12. The Warriors would probably go with Ridnour in this scenario, because they could be in need of a point guard, depending on Gilbert Arenas' situation. The Warriors could also consider Gaines. Collison is worth picking at No. 11, but he's a better fit in Seattle at No. 12.

12. Seattle SuperSonics
Michael Sweetney
Power Forward | 6-8, 262 | Draft Player Card
Junior | Georgetown

Andy Katz's Pick: The Sonics' first choice is Collison, but they won't turn down Sweetney. They love his power game and his ability to get to the free-throw line. The Sonics' brass made a special trip to D.C. last week to see Sweetney work out. They weren't going to come across the country to watch a marginal pick for their position. Sweetney could be an anchor for the Sonics' inside game. Chad Ford's Take: I know there are a lot of rumblings that Seattle prefers Collison or even Brian Cook to Sweetney. That's fine, but it doesn't make much sense. Sweetney's game is the antidote for what ails the Sonics. He's tough, scores with his back to the basket, rebounds and gets to the line (and makes his free throws when he's there). I hope for the Sonics' sake that Collison is off the board when they pick.

13. Memphis Grizzlies
Alexsandar Pavlovic
Shooting Guard | 6-6, 207 | Draft Player Card
Budcunost | Serbia

Chad Ford's Pick: Who knows what the Grizzlies do here? They're trying to move up to get their hands on Pietrus. If they don't, they have to find another athlete who can swing between the two and three. Pavlovic is considered the best shooter in the draft and is an above average athlete. Put him on the court with Jason Williams, Mike Miller, Pau Gasol and Lorenzen Wright, and you have one of the best shooting teams in the NBA. Andy Katz's Take: Not sure about this pick. The Grizzlies would grab Lampe if he were still on the board, and they could consider Gaines or Sweetney, if the Georgetown forward were to fall. Ridnour is still on the board in this scenario and could get some attention. Pavlovic was considered more of a middle first-round player, but something must be clicking for the Grizzlies with Pavlovic the final two weeks.

14. Seattle SuperSonics
Marcus Banks
Point Guard | 6-2, 200 | Draft Player Card
Senior | UNLV

Andy Katz's Pick: The word is Banks, the UNLV senior point guard, is moving up. He was originally talked about at No. 16 or 20 to Boston. But Banks is being discussed as a possible selection at No. 14. The Sonics are a bit scared of Leandrinho Barbosa, because of his inability to speak English well. The Sonics might have a hard time skipping over Ridnour, but Banks is the better athlete. Chad Ford's Take: He's the hottest name in the draft right now. But is the hype getting out of control? First Phoenix loved him. Then Boston. Now Seattle? Banks reminds some of a poor man's Baron Davis. He can get to the basket at will, but his lack of size and floor-general skills have some wondering what all the hype is about. I think they'd be better off taking a flyer on Barbosa, whose size and athleticism make him stand out. He's a bigger project than Banks, but the Sonics can afford to groom him for a year.

15. Orlando Magic
Reece Gaines
Point Guard | 6-6, 205 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Louisville

Chad Ford's Pick: We've had Gaines pegged to Orlando for the past two months and see no reason to change now. His ability to play the one and the two, his size and athleticism and that smooth outside jumper should earn him some minutes in Orlando during year one. Andy Katz's Take: This one seems to be more of a lock than any other pick outside of the top three. The Magic scouted Gaines extensively while he was working out in Florida after the season ended. Gaines is an active guard who can play the point after handling the ball on numerous occasions last season. Gaines could help the Magic forget about a few of their recent blunders in the first round (Curtis Borchardt and Jeryl Sasser).

16. Boston Celtics
Sofaklis Schortsianides
Center | 6-10, 287 | Draft Player Card

Andy Katz's Pick: The easy thing to say here is that Schortsanitis is going too high. Well, the Celtics like him and are looking to go big with one of their two picks. Schortsanitis wouldn't have stayed in the draft if he weren't getting a decent guarantee. Boston fills the void. Schortsanitis can board and is still a work in progress. If he is in shape, he could eventually be a contributor next season. Chad Ford's Take: Schortsanitis and Banks are the two guys at the top of the Celtics' list right now. Banks would be their choice if he was still on the board. If he's not, and Luke Ridnour's available, I'm not sure they could pass on the Pac-10's POY. This is awfully far for someone like Ridnour to slip. He's an excellent shooter, puts his teammates first, and his flashy style would be popular in Boston. I don't disagree with the "Baby Shaq" pick, I just think it's more likely he goes to them at No. 20.

17. Phoenix Suns
Zarko Cabarkapa
Power Forward | 7-0, 235 | Draft Player Card

Chad Ford's Pick: The rumor has been flying around for weeks that Cabarkapa is the Suns' guy. Apparently everyone in the West feels like they need a Nowitizki-type player, and the Suns have Cabarkapa pegged as that guy. Cabarkapa is a fine shooter, has a great handle and is pretty mature at age 22. Nice player who can fit several roles. Andy Katz's Take: The Suns are linked to a promise for Cabarkapa. This pick shouldn't be a total surprise. The Suns aren't expecting to get a major player, let alone a definite role player, for next season. Phoenix could really take its time working Cabarkapa into a major contributor for next season. Phoenix could also opt for high school seniors Ndudi Ebi or Travis Outlaw ... or Brian Cook and Luke Ridnour, who also are still on the board.

18. New Orleans Hornets
Luke Ridnour
Point Guard | 6-2, 175 | Draft Player Card
Junior | Oregon

Andy Katz's Pick: Ridnour doesn't make a lot of sense here with Baron Davis fully entrenched. But Ridnour can't slip too far. He's too good. The Hornets could trade this pick. If they absolutely want no part of Ridnour, they could still go after Jarvis Hayes, a steal in this draft so far. Carlos Delfino would make sense, but the Hornets aren't big on the international scene. Brian Cook, Josh Howard and David West are all possibilities. Chad Ford's Take: I don't see Ridnour slipping this far. If he does, I still don't think the Hornets take him. They'll need to replace P.J. Brown, and it will be tough to pass on Illinois' Cook here. Cook has worked out well wherever he's gone, and his stock is on the rise. By draft night, Cook might not be available this low. But right now, I don't see the Hornets passing on him.

19. Utah Jazz
Brian Cook
Power Forward | 6-10, 240 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Illinois

Chad Ford's Pick: Utah has to start thinking about a long-term replacement for Karl Malone. Cook worked out well in Utah, and the team believes he's gotten a bad rap. On talent, Cook's the best player left on the board. There's a good chance Cook is gone by this pick, though. They also like Pavlovic (likely gone), Boris Diaw, Carlos Delfino and Josh Howard. Jarvis Hayes would also be tough to pass up if he slips this far. Andy Katz's Take: Cook wasn't in the first round in our second mock draft. But it's hard to keep him out of this one. He has played well in his workouts, according to various sources. Cook has the potential to flourish in Utah. He's not going to replace Karl Malone, but he certainly gives the Jazz a different look. Having a power forward shoot 3s on a regular basis could give Cook a specialty label.

20. Boston Celtics
Maurice Williams
Point Guard | 6-1, 185 | Draft Player Card
Sophomore | Alabama

Andy Katz's Pick: Williams doesn't deserve to be this high. But this prediction is based on conversations with those who are close to the Celtics' situation. Williams hasn't wowed any scouts during workouts, but teams have long memories. He's a smart, and savvy, point guard who made better decisions last season. He doesn't have a guarantee. The Celtics could still grab Barbosa or Troy Bell with this pick. But the word is they could go with Williams. Chad Ford's Take: Huh?

21. Atlanta Hawks
Jarvis Hayes
Shooting Guard | 6-7, 220 | Draft Player Card
Junior | Georgia

Chad Ford's Pick: They'd love to get a big point guard here and probably should snatch up Boris Diaw. However, Hayes may be too tempting to pass if he slips this far. The Hawks have needed a consistent 3-point threat since they lost Steve Smith. Hayes' perimeter shooting, combined with his size and athleticism at the two, will be a nice complement to Jason Terry in the backcourt. Andy Katz's Take: The Hawks would love this scenario. They heard Hayes could be slipping for no other reason than timing and promises. Yet, he would be a hit here, having grown up in Atlanta. Hayes could be the sleeper of the draft. He can score from inside and out. He's a hard worker, and he's a fourth-year junior, meaning he'll be more mature than a lot of other players in this draft.

22. New Jersey Nets
Zoran Planinic
Small Forward | 6-7, 220 | Draft Player Card
Autodorozhnik Saratov | Russia

Andy Katz's Pick: The Nets have liked Planinic for a while, and he stopped working out after his visit to New Jersey. He tweaked his back, but that didn't hurt him with the Nets. The workout went well enough that he could have locked himself up a spot in the first round. New Jersey could use another point guard if they lose Jason Kidd. If not, they've got a developing player who could help them in a year or two rather than being forced to play too early. Chad Ford's Take: Planinic is another hot name in the draft at the moment. Insider first reported the Nets' love affair with Planinic last week. It looks like things are still hot and heavy. His workouts have been described as scintillating by several teams. Planinic, at 6-foot-7, has the size, shooting touch, athleticism and versatility that the Nets covet at the point. He should be able to step right in and contribute behind Jason Kidd and Kerry Kittles.

23. Portland Trail Blazers
Leandrinho Barbosa
Point Guard | 6-4, 185 | Draft Player Card
Barcelona | Brazil

Chad Ford's Pick: The rumor is that high school power forward Travis Outlaw is the man here. I had him down, but then I got to thinking. If I'm Steve Patterson, and I'm trying to change the image of the "Jail Blazers," do I really draft a guy named Outlaw? The more I thought about it, the more it drove me to change the pick. I don't believe Barbosa will fall this far, but if he does, he's a steal at 23. With Antonio Daniels leaving, and Jeff McInnis and Damon Stoudamire on the way out, Barbosa has the size, athleticism and energy the Blazers crave at point guard. He may be a year or so away, but the Blazers can afford to wait. Andy Katz's Take: Not sure about this pick. Barbosa could easily be a second-round pick. Teams aren't necessarily going to promise a point guard who can't speak English a first-round slot. Letting him slide into the second round wouldn't be a crime. The Blazers are rumored to have promised Outlaw this pick, but that seems farfetched. So, too, would an Ndudi Ebi selection. The more likely scenario is for the Blazers to take either David West or Josh Howard. They have to think senior, experienced and either rebounder or scorer.

24. Los Angeles Lakers
Josh Howard
Small Forward | 6-6, 202 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Wake Forest

Andy Katz's Pick: The Lakers covet Schortsanitis and Cook, but they're not around at this point in this mock draft. Los Angeles would have to look at a collection of David West, Mario Austin, Howard and Jason Kapono. Howard might be the most ready to contribute next season. His workouts have been solid, and he's still a more versatile scorer than anyone else in that group. The Lakers could use an athletic, energized veteran college player in their lineup. Chad Ford's Take: After taking Kareem Rush in the first round last year, it's hard to believe they'd grab yet another swingman this year. Not when several big men are on the board. David West, Mario Austin and Malick Badiane will all get a look here (as will Baby Shaq, if he's still around) but I think the pick will ultimately be Zaur Pachulia. Pachulia, a big man from the country of Georgia, could give the Lakers their next Vlade Divac. With Shaq's long-term health and future up in the air, it's never too late to start developing someone.

25. Detroit Pistons
Travis Hansen
Shooting Guard | 6-5, 200 | Draft Player Card
Senior | BYU

Chad Ford's Pick: The Pistons addressed their frontcourt with Darko. Now they'll move to their backcourt. Hansen had a great workout in Detroit last week, and the team likes him. At 25 years old, he has the maturity and a nice perimeter shot that could help the Pistons right away. They'll also take a long look at Boris Diaw and possibly Carlos Delfino here. Andy Katz's Take: Can't agree here. Carlos Delfino could be the answer. The Pistons would be going with Hansen over Delfino, Austin, Boris Diaw, West and Dahntay Jones. Their pick is more likely to come out of that group. Hansen was impressive in Portsmouth, Chicago and during workouts, but he still could have a hard time cracking the first round. He's an outstanding hustle-play guard. He can make shots and handle the ball. Larry Brown will like him and use him if they draft him.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves
David West
Power Forward | 6-9, 240 | Draft Player Card
Senior | Xavier

Andy Katz's Pick: The Timberwolves finally have a first-round draft pick, and they're not going to waste it on an unknown. They want a player who knows what he's doing on the court. West is a steal this low in the draft and could be a first-team, all-rookie player if he comes close to his college potential. The Timberwolves could also look at Austin, Hansen or even Troy Bell. But going with a foreign player in this spot seems unlikely. Chad Ford's Take: With Anthony Peeler leaving, the T-Wolves really need to find a shooting guard who can help right away. I don't think West is the guy here. Someone like Carlos Delfino or Josh Howard are better fits. I like Delfino here. I think he's the most underrated international prospect in the draft. He's got great size, is super tough and has a nice outside stroke. The T-Wolves would be crazy to let him slip away.

27. Memphis Grizzlies
Carlos Delfino
Shooting Guard | 6-7, 215 | Draft Player Card
Fortitudo Bologna | Argentina

Chad Ford's Pick: I think Delfino will be off the board by here, but if he isn't, Memphis will take him, even if they draft Pavlovic or Pietrus with their first pick. Delfino is a Jerry West-type of player. He's smart, tough, mature and can shoot it. If he's gone, Boris Diaw will be the guy. Andy Katz's Take: The Grizzlies could end up going with two foreign players in the draft. That's not a shocker, considering both players are skilled. But don't be surprised if they're out shopping these picks, or at least one of them. Delfino is a first-round talent, but remember: Austin, Ndudi Ebi, Kendrick Perkins, Jones, Bell, Malick Badiane are all still on the board.

28. San Antonio Spurs
Zaur Pachulia
Power Forward | 6-11, 250 | Draft Player Card
Republic of Georgia

Andy Katz's Pick: The Spurs could weigh Pachulia against Kendrick Perkins. Pachulia is a load inside and hasn't played as much basketball as a team like San Antonio would have liked. Pachulia does have low-post scoring ability, and the hope is the Spurs can groom him to fill some of the void left by David Robinson. Picking Austin, Perkins, Ebi or Malick Badiane are all possibilities. Chad Ford's Take: The Spurs will snatch up Pachulia if he's on the board. If he's gone (and I think the Lakers will grab him at 24), they'll have several interesting choices. One is to go with someone like Josh Howard or Travis Hansen, if they're on the board. Two, take a veteran big guy like David West. Three, go really big with Serbia's Slavko Vranes. At 7-foot-6 with shoes, Vranes would be the tallest player in the NBA.

29. Dallas Mavericks
Malick Badiane
Power Forward | 6-11, 225 | Draft Player Card

Chad Ford's Pick: Something's fishy here. Badiane's decision to stay in the draft almost certainly means he's a first-rounder. He's a strong, athletic rebounder and shot blocker -- just what the Mavs need. The downside is he's a few years away. But Mark Cuban can afford to wait because ... well ... because Mark Cuban can afford everything. Andy Katz's Take: No shocker. Badiane is tied in tight with the Dallas scouting staff. Badiane is a raw athlete who still is learning the game. His basketball IQ is still not up to speed, but he's long, lean and could be a defensive pest. He wouldn't have stayed in the draft without a guarantee of going in the first round. This dumped Ebi, Outlaw, Perkins, Jones and Diaw to the second round. We've got one more mock draft, but the guarantees for Ebi, Outlaw and Perkins haven't been uncovered yet.

Ummmmm Ok
06-20-2003, 11:24 AM
Wheres Boris Diaw? If hes available with the 29th pick, you have to take him.

Chicago JK
06-20-2003, 11:34 AM
Thanks. I really enjoy Andy Katz. I skim over Ford's comments, but really pay attention to Katz. The surprise pick in the first round is Maurice Williams to Boston. That would be a mistake and continue the recent mistakes by the Celtics. I also am not sure about the Greek Shaq at 16.

It seems like the Brazilian point guard is slipping because of a funky jump shot and language problems. The Mavs are stacked at point guard, but do you take him and stash him a few years overseas?

Should be a fun draft

Chicago JK
06-20-2003, 11:35 AM
Originally posted by: Ummmmm Ok
Wheres Boris Diaw? If hes available with the 29th pick, you have to take him.

Good point...they must have forgotten about him.

06-20-2003, 11:41 AM
I have a feeling that Ford is going to be a journeyman in this league, which I hate to admit as a Longhorn. And if I were Golden State fans I would hate it if the predicted Collision came to my team. Not because I hate Kansas, but I think he is highly overrated. Sure he played great in the NCAA Tourney, but so have many other ne'er do wells.

Ummmmm Ok
06-20-2003, 11:43 AM
This dumped Ebi, Outlaw, Perkins, Jones and Diaw to the second round. We've got one more mock draft, but the guarantees for Ebi, Outlaw and Perkins haven't been uncovered yet

B.S. you sign Diaw and forget about Badiane. Diaw could come right in and be the Small Forward we need with leaving Dirk at PF. You could than use the MLE to get Brown, Davis, or Mourning.

06-20-2003, 11:45 AM
JK...Ford is in "chat" right now...and I've asked the "why has Diaw fallen" question...not sure it'll be answered though. I'm going to post the whole thing when they're through...BUT....he says it's 50/50 that Toronto trades the #4. It's still the Lafrentz to Toronto thing that they've talked about....

Chicago JK
06-20-2003, 12:02 PM
Originally posted by: OutletPass
JK...Ford is in "chat" right now...and I've asked the "why has Diaw fallen" question...not sure it'll be answered though. I'm going to post the whole thing when they're through...BUT....he says it's 50/50 that Toronto trades the #4. It's still the Lafrentz to Toronto thing that they've talked about....

I guess you weren't choseni/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif Hypothetically, who who you select if all of these guys were available. Barbosa, Diaw, Malick, Perkins, Lang, Zaur, or Ebi. I haven't seen any of these kids, so I can't recommend any of them. Although if the Mavs want to gamble and wait while a player devleops, I would be happy with any of these guys. Granted, again I have only read about these players, so most of us have no idea if these kids can really play.

06-20-2003, 12:17 PM
Nope JK, I wasn't among the chosen.

Did you notice that Krhyapa (sp) also dropped out yesterday....that's another one projected to go ahead of the Mavs pick.

Also just saw a mock that has us taking Lang.

Edit: If Diaw was there at #29, i'd have to take him...but all of the other mocks have him going at 17-18...So I take Badiane.

Chicago JK
06-20-2003, 12:20 PM
Originally posted by: OutletPass
Nope JK, I wasn't among the chosen.

Did you notice that Krhyapa (sp) also dropped out yesterday....that's another one projected to go ahead of the Mavs pick.

Also just saw a mock that has us taking Lang.

Yeah, I saw that he had a contract overseas and he thought this was hurting his stock. I would think teams drafting in the late 20's wouldn't care if he spent another year overseas.

BTW, I don't think Detroit takes Hanson in the first round either. There player personnel guy(Ronzone) has been pretty big with foreign kids. I think they take one of the foreign kids there....maybe Diaw.

06-20-2003, 01:48 PM
Yup, you take Diaw over Badiane.. they both fill a need (apparently) but Diaw is closer to being ready.

For the record, I will piss a nickel if a trade with Toronto goes down. I'm hoping just like y'all are, but I see it like I see Tim Duncan and KG coming to Dallas for the exception each of the next two seasons to form a decade dynasty with Dirk i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif

06-21-2003, 10:09 PM
I would take Malick instead of Diaw. The Mav's need an athletic big man. Even if he is raw offensively, I'm sure he could throw down a few dunks, which their offense is lacking. Also, he would block a few shots, and would help our post defense.

one long blue sock
06-21-2003, 11:14 PM
Miami, Chicago, and the Clips all need PG'S, why would he have slipped???