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06-20-2003, 11:53 AM
Chad Ford: (12:19 PM ET ) Sorry for the late start folks. The phone has been ringing off the hook. Lots to talk about in the aftermath of several prospects pulling out of the draft. Let's roll

Chris (Boston): Chad: Thanks for the continued great coverage. My question is why wouldn't any GM in the top 10 give Pavel a guarantee that they'd take him when clearly at #9 the Knicks would have grabbed him if he was still there? Did Layden drop the ball (again)?

Chad Ford: (12:23 PM ET ) Yes. So did several other GMs. It really says a lot about the NBA international scouting or lack thereof. It also says a lot about the challenges teams face when young, unproven players decide to declare. No one could get comfortable with him. Ironically two teams that scouted him well, the Pistons and the Nuggets, would've had no problems giving him the promise in the Top 10 if they weren't at No. 2 and No. 3. I think a lot of teams will come back to regret that decision.

Rick -detroit: Chad, do you see this current Darko legal situation becoming a major problem? Also what are your expectations for him as a rookie, any chance for ROY?

Chad Ford: (12:26 PM ET ) I just got off the phone with his agent. These things are par for the course in Europe. He had no buyout figure on his contract so, of course, they're asking for a lot of money and Darko's agent is trying to get the figure lower. It won't affect his draft status -- in the end its in everyone's interest to get it done. A team like Hemofarm could pay three years worth of salaries off of Darko's buyout and Darko wants to get to the NBA ASAP. Darko's agent told me it will get done soon.

David (Denver): Chad, I have heard alot of rumurs that the Nuggets will trade their number 3 pick to a team with a lower pick to try and get another player. Do you think this is a possibility? What teams might be considering trades? Thanks David

Chad Ford: (12:28 PM ET ) They're listening. Some good offers are rolling through, but obviously nothing worth biting on yet. At the end of the day, they probably end up with Carmelo and possibly trade Rodney White and Marcus Camby for another pick instead.

Craig Arens, Fowler, MI: Mr. Ford, I read something yesterday that Toronto might send Antonio Davis and #4 to Dallas for LaFrentz and #29. Do the Raptors want to ditch the ridiculous salary of Davis THAT bad?

Chad Ford: (12:30 PM ET ) Probably not, but Dallas would love to that deal. If they took the No. 4 pick out of the equation, then they may have a deal. The word is Toronto will either select Bosh or trade the pick. It's 50-50 right now.

Willie (Miami, FL: With Toronto likely taking Bosh, is the heat better of taking Lampe or Wade rather then maybe trading down and getting two quality guys like Sweetney and Gaines (trade w/Sonics or Boston)?

Chad Ford: (12:32 PM ET ) The Heat are also trying to trade down, but if they keep the pick it will be between Lampe, Wade and Chris Kaman assuming Bosh goes four. Right now, believe it or not, I think they're leaning toward Lampe. It's a good pick. He's got the most upside of anyone left on the board. Kaman and Wade might be able to contribute more in year one, but neither are great fits.

Los Angeles, CA: Chad, what's the latest on the Clippers? Any trade rumors? T.J. Ford seems like the ideal fit with Andre Miller's departure inevitable, but could the Clippers maybe go big with Kaman at 6 to replace Olowokandi?

Chad Ford: (12:34 PM ET ) Kaman had a terrible workout. They've liked Ford for a while and I think there's a good chance he slips here. They also are looking at Wade and Pietrus, but my money's on Ford.

Ron(Oakland): How will the JWill injury affect the Bulls plans?

Chad Ford: (12:37 PM ET ) It screws everything up. They were the major trade broker in the league and Jay Williams was their best trade bait. Now, with Williams out indefinately, they can't trade him and can't afford to move Jamal Crawford. Of course, none of that really matters. From what I understand, Williams injuries are serious. It's a sad, sad day for him, his family and basketball. Lets all pray he recovers quickly.

VaF (NY): Is it possible TJ Ford slipps all the way to 9 with the Knicks and Hinrich is actually the first pg selected in the draft by the Bucks?

Chad Ford: (12:39 PM ET ) It's possible, but I doubt it. The word is that the Knicks are trying to trade up to get Ford. Interesting considering their glut of point guards. If both Ford and Hinrich are on the board when the Bucks pick, I think they'll go Ford. In that scenario, Hinrich probably doesn't fall further than No. 10 to Washington.

John, Wash DC: Because of their front office issues, does anyone have any clue what the Wizards are going to do at 10?

Chad Ford: (12:41 PM ET ) Not really. They need a point guard so Hinrich or Luke Ridnour make some sense. I also hear that they like Nick Collison and Mike Sweetney.

Mike (Oakland): With Arenas on the go...why does the mock draft have the Warriors drafting Nick Collison? Are the Warriors really going to be that goofy on draft night?

Chad Ford: (12:43 PM ET ) Do I really need to answer that question Mike? Of course that's what they do. The problem is that neither Luke Ridnour or Reece Gaines (the two top point guards on the board) are ready to step in and start. They're better off luring a veteran point and taking someone else. I picked Collison because it made zero sense.

Jack (Eugene): Do you still see Ridnour going to GS @ 11? If he's available at 12 or 14 do the Sonics like him or would they look at Banks, Gaines, or Barbosa instead if they go PG?

Chad Ford: (12:46 PM ET ) Right now it looks like Collison, then Brian Cook then Mike Sweetney is their order on power forwards. On point guards it goes Hinrich, Banks, Barbosa, Ridnour. Wouldn't be surprised if they traded up for Hinrich.

Jesse (Memphis): Chad what do you think the Grizzlies are going to do with the draft/offseason? I know West wants to win now, but we don't have the cap room till next season.

Chad Ford: (12:48 PM ET ) They shouldn't jump the gun. I think fans can be patient for a year. With that said, it doesn't look like they're going to be. They like Mickael Pietrus, but don't think he'll be on the board when they pick. They're trying to move up or parlay the pick into a capable veteran or two.

Marc Gainesville, FL: Chad, I love the insight in your columns! The Magic seem to have zeroed in on three point guards; Ridnour, Gaines, and Barbosa with their 15th pick. Which of the three do you feel they'll ultimately come away with and why?

Chad Ford: (12:49 PM ET ) Right now, if all three were on the board, I think they'd grab Gaines. His versatility fits better in their system. Ridnour and Barbosa seem to be slipping just a bit.

Chris (Boston): Other than trading Antoine Walker, how else could the Celtics really improve? I don't want to see him go, but doesn't he have to if they ever want to be anything more than a 4-8 seed? He is their only tradeable commodity

Chad Ford: (12:41 PM ET ) Everyone in the league seems to think he's available. In the last 48 hours I've heard his name linked to Chicago (for Jay Williams, Marcus Fizer and Donyell Marshall - obviously off now), Toronto (for Antonio Davis and the No. 4) and Seattle. It looks like Danny Ainge is getting restless.

H. Jass (Phoenix, AZ): Suppose the Suns did give Cabarkapa a promise and do take him at #17. Would that be a good pick/good fit?

Chad Ford: (12:42 PM ET ) He's a good shooter, has a nice handle and is very mature. At 7-foot, he's got a big upside. But some international scouts claim that he's very soft and a bit one dimensional. However, his workouts in Phoenix and L.A. were reportedly great.

Duke (Washington DC): Chad, Are the Jazz really trying to move up and if so, who are they looking at for a pick? Thanks

Chad Ford: (12:44 PM ET ) The Jazz like a couple of people in the lottery -- Maciej Lampe and Dwyane Wade. The problem is they don't have much to trade to get up that high. I think they'll stick with whoever falls to them at No. 19 -- Alexsandar Pavlovic, Brian Cook, Nick Collison, Jarvis Hayes

Mike (Bergenfield NJ): What do you think the Nets will do at #22? Can they get a good big amn or are they going to get a shooter?

Chad Ford: (12:56 PM ET ) They love Zoran Planinic, a 6-foot-7 point guard from Croatia. He's big, athletic and is a very good shooter. He reminds me a little of Brent Barry.

Chris (NYC): Have the Lakers given a promise to anyone at number 24?

Chad Ford: (12:59 PM ET ) Maybe . . . I hear they're sweet on Zaur Pachulia, a big man from Georgia. They also like Brian Cook, but I don't think he'll get that far.

Drew (Motown): Mr Ford will will see a Ronzone surprise at #25 like Okur froma few years back, or will it be a guy like Hansen, Bell or Delfino as many have speculated..Thoughts??

Chad Ford: (1:00 PM ET ) I'm sure we will. I think BYU's Travis Hansen and Argentina's Carlos Delfino get the most play there but don't rule out Boris Diaw if he slips that far.

Charlie (Brokline MA): Any hunches on who the T-Wolves will get for Brandon?

Chad Ford: (1:02 PM ET ) I think you could see them landing Jerry Stackhouse and Christian Laettner for Brandon's expiring contract if he retires.

Mark (G-Vegas, MA): Hey Chad! Great work on insider. Best 5 bucks i spend each month! Does Troy Bell have a shot in the first round? He is a Bobby Jackson/John Starks type player who will help a contender like LA or NJ next year.

Chad Ford: (1:03 PM ET ) I think Minnesota, Memphis and San Antonio will take a long look. If he does go in the second round, he'll go early.

Matt (Cleveland): Love your work! Is it true that Ricky Davis is NOT on the trading block? No matter how stupid he seemed last year, it would be even stupider for Paxson to trade away someone with his talent. Maybe Silas can straighten his head out.....

Chad Ford: (12:53 PM ET ) That's what I've been told. Several teams have called about his availability and have been rebuffed. The plan is to play LeBron at the point, Davis at the two, Darius Miles at the three, Carlos Boozer at the four and Zydrunas Ilgauskas at the five.

Matt (Hartford): The Celts taking Mo Williams at 20? That's a misprint, right?

Chad Ford: (1:05 PM ET ) Bug Andy Katz on that one. I'm still speechless.

Chad Ford: (12:55 PM ET ) I've got to run folks. We'll do this again on Wednesday when we unveil ESPN.com final mock draft. In the meantime, make sure to check back on Insider. We'll have the Eastern Conference trading block later today, a full two round mock draft on Monday and the now famous (or infamous) in-depth Insider draft guide on Tuesday. That's gotta be worth five bucks.

06-20-2003, 02:05 PM
Wow if the twolves can get GP with their exception and add stackhouse and Christian that team is suddenly becomes a serious title contender. The twolves were so close this year to beating LA.

06-20-2003, 03:14 PM
LeBron at the point, Davis at the two, Darius Miles at the three

it will be interesting to see how this works out...