View Full Version : Xue violates regulations by entering draft

06-28-2003, 08:34 AM
Chinese officials say Xue cannot play in NBA next season

Associated Press

BEIJING -- Chinese basketball officials said Denver Nuggets prospect Xue Yuyang is not ready for the NBA and will not be allowed to play in the United States next season.

The 7-foot Xue was drafted 57th overall by the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night, then traded to the Nuggets for a second-round pick in 2004.

In a statement appearing in Chinese newspapers, the Chinese Basketball Association said Xue wasn't ready for the NBA and his participation in the draft violated regulations.

"Xue Yuyang's selection shows China's own-trained athletes have received international recognition and is a good thing," the statement said.

But it added that Xue needed to "train with the national team, play in international competitions, build up experience, improve his skills and strengthen himself physically for the grueling competition of the NBA.

"When conditions are ripe, the Chinese Basketball Association will support him to go play in the NBA."

The statement said Xue's agents violated notification rules in entering him in the draft, but didn't say if anyone would be punished.

06-28-2003, 08:43 AM
Wang Zhi Zhi wasn't productive for the mavs because he missed every training camp due to similar reasons. Lampe got screwed this year due to similar reasons. It sucks.