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06-29-2003, 08:45 PM
A Kidd Sized Mistake
By "Chef" Edward Martin Bauerle
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Over the last couple of weeks Jason Kidd has forwarded his "A" list of teams that he would be willing to play for when the Free Agent Lottery starts in a few weeks. The Denver Nuggets, The World Champion San Antonio Spurs, Your Dallas Mavericks, and how nice, his own New Jersey Nets.

Should the Mavericks be considered privileged because Kidd added Dallas to the list, or should they be upset because he put an Astrid next to the team that dismissed him almost a decade ago because he couldn't get along with his own teammates, and coaching staff? Should the Mavericks be appalled that Kidd has said that he will only play for the Mavericks if Zo Mourning is signed, sealed, and delivered before he makes up his mind? Isn't if funny how an individual that has been considered the best point guard since Magic Johnson has played for three teams over his Hall of Fame career, and now has the audacity to put restrictions on the teams that he says he wants to play for?

Jason Kidd is a cancer. He is selfish. He is egotistical, and he is not what I would categorize as a team player. He rates right up there with the likes of Kobe Bryant who seems to think that he is gods gift to the NBA, and that unless his better half comes into the season ready to play he won't even consider playing for the team that just got bounced out of the playoffs in the second round because he failed to raise his teams play at the beginning of the year, and put his team in such a hole that they were lucky just to make the playoffs.

It amazes me the attitude some of the players in the NBA have about themselves even though they have no skins on the wall to justify having an attitude. Shaq Daddy I can understand. Tim Duncan, even though he doesn't have an attitude he probably should I could understand. Jordan, Magic, Bird I can understand. Jason Kidd? Your kidding me right? An individual that couldn't handled the leadership role in Dallas. Couldn't deal with Phoenix, Arizona, and now realizes that no matter what the Eastern Conference does they won't be winning the NBA Championship for another 5 years at best now seems to think he has the right to make restrictions on teams that want to apply for his services.


If Jason Kidd comes to Dallas in a sign and trade with Nick Van Exel then Steve Nash has to come off the bench because Kidd won't play second fiddle to anyone, especially one that he considered inferior when they played in Phoenix together. Ask yourself a couple of questions.

a. Given the relationship with Nash, and Nowitki, and given the fact that because of the lethal combination that both players bring to the table how is it going to play in the locker room when Jason shows up to take Nash's job from him? Better yet, how is Dirk going to handle the change, and will he be willing to even consider it?

b. How is the relationship with Finley going to play out? Let's not forget that Finley was the one that took the brunt of abuse from the media when Kidd was traded to Phoenix for The Flying Tiger. What kind of bad feelings will that have in the locker room. Your going to tell me that Finley was pleased to be traded to the Mavericks? They were the worst team in all of profesional sports. The Suns were going to the playoffs every year. I'm not sure that Mike was happy then, and I'm not real sure he will be happy to receive Kidd with open arms now.


All though Nick Van Exel has raised his value because of his performance in this years playoffs both Kidd, and Van Exel are not considered the best shooting guards in the NBA. In fact some people on various boards consider the combo of Finley/Van Exel/Kidd to be a nightmare of a back court. Some have said it would become the worst backcourt in the history of the NBA. I'm not sure I would go that far, but at the same time the statement has merit. Ask yourself a couple of questions here.

a. With Nash gone, and the relationship with Dirk severed, will the Kidd/Dirk combo be as lethal as it is with Nash, and Dirk?

b. The defensive priority right now is a plus for Dallas no matter who they play. Because of the ability of Nash to break down defenses with his Helter Skelter style of play, and because of his ability to shoot the 3 as effectively as he does it allows Dirk to have open looks that no other forward in the NBA has the luxury to have. So the question is simple. Because of Kidds inability to hit the open jumper as effectively as Nash how will that change the looks that Dirk enjoys now?

c. The one reason that Nick is as effective right now is because the pressure for him to perform isn't as high as it would be with Kidd. Kidds inability, and his inconsistency with his shooting percentage will no doubt put more pressure on Nick to perform when he comes off the bench. Will he be as comfortable as he is with Nash, and when Nelson decides to play small ball will the combo of Nick/Jason be as lethal as it is with Nash, and Van Exel?


One of the luxuries that the Mavericks enjoy is that at the end of games teams are so unwilling to put the Mav's at the line because of the success they enjoy at the free throw line. Your going to tell me that the percentage with Kidd will be as high? No, it won't, and you can bet that at the end of games teams will be more than willing to put Kidd at the line because of inconsistency at the line.

They don't dare put Nash on the line. If Kidd, and Nick are the two point guards that have to have their hands on the ball at the end of games will no doubt make other teams use the philosophy that they will put the two on the line to win the games.
Are Maverick Fans that confident that Nick, and Kidd will be able to step up to the challenge? Even if the combo is Nash, and Kidd how is Kidd going to handle being taken out of the game at the end because Nash is more proficient when it comes to shooting free-throws?

Nelson has said before that he would have never trade Kidd if he had been the GM at the time. Of course that was before he made it to the Western Conference Finals, and he posted the Mavericks first 60 win season in the History of the franchise. He has recently been quoted as saying that it would be foolish to try improve a position that doesn't need improving. He has said that his priority is a big man, or two. Zo Mourning, and The "Mailman are two players on Nelson, and Cubans wish list. You have the opportunity to acquire either player or both.

The fact that both players are at the end of their careers, and the fact that the Mav's only have the 4.9 Million Exemption, and 1.5 Million slot to play with means that the Mavericks are in a position to acquire either player. Given the fact that both players don't have a ring to speak of gives hope to Maverick Fans that the possibility to acquire both are a reality. You get both, and you can almost pencil this team in as a participant in next seasons WCF, or the NBA Finals. Even with one your chances improve dramatically. Knowing Cuban you can bet that either player will be Maverick when the free agent dust settles.

Bringing in Jason Kidd for any reason, or for any player is the biggest mistake this franchise could make since Donald Carter resigned Roy Tarpley over a decade ago. He doesn't belong in a Maverick Uniform, and he doesn't deserve a second chance in a city that dismissed him 10 years ago. Too many bad memories, and too many questions for an individual that hasn't proved anything except that he doesn't care about anyone but himself. The Mavericks are fine at the point guard position, and the problems that Kidd brings to the table are more than just cap problems. They are personal, and ones that don't need to taken. Not at this point in the game. Put an Astrid next to anyone you like Jason, but take the Mavericks of your list. You don't belong in Dallas, and you never did.

Have a nice day, and thanks for playing.......

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