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Originally Posted by iella View Post
Seeing as how humans were running barefoot or with thin-soled sandals for thousands of years before athletic shoe companies came by and saved us all, I think it would be more accurate to describe running shoes as a "fad." Not trying to pick a fight, and I certainly don't have a horse in this race, just food for thought.

Edit: I think it goes back to what murph said: "just know what feels better for my feet." You just have to do what works for you. I've been trying a mid/forefoot strike with a shorter stride for awhile, and it definitely feels like less stress on my arch. Still wearing shoes, but relying less on the heel. All I'm saying is, don't rule something out before you've tried it a few times.
Our barefoot running ancestors weren't running 50-100 miles/week on concrete and asphalt surfaces. And their life span was about 35 years.

If a person is running for fitness and/or competition in the current era then good shoes - the right shoes for that particluar human's gait - is a requirement. Even Kenyan and Ethiopian runners that grew up running without shoes are converting and lacing them up to be able to compete and run the miles required without injury. Those of us with less perfect biomechanics need the right kind of shoe even more.

I like barefoot running on the beach from time-to-time but a consistent 30-mile week without shoes equals injury. YMMV.
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