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Default RE: Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

Originally posted by: Mavdog
Good question. Here's what i found in the appeal:

"They [police] knocked on the front door of the trailer home where he lived, which was answered by Dennis Cabral who also lived in the trailer home... The officers asked to speak to Gould, and Cabral told them he was probably asleep. The officers asked if they could look inside for the defendant, and Cabral agreed, pointing in the direction of Gould’s bedroom."

They looked in the bedroom, didn't see him, thought the closets could be hiding places and looked in there. They saw the 3 guns, left them and kept looking for Gould, fiinding him outside. After which:

"The officers asked for and received Gould’s consent to search the home, and he signed a written waiver of search warrant."

I feel a LOT better now.

I wonder why Gould gave his consent though? He had to know that the guns would be found and that would be a violation of his parole.
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