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Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
I don't think the Mavs organization has anything to do with Mark Cuban's political views -- it's not like there's going to be Hillary propaganda all over the AAC or anything like that. Just stop listening to him or reading his tweets and it won't affect your Mavericks experience at all.

But if political affiliation is enough to turn you off from a product, then a black-dominated sport like basketball (or football) probably isn't going to be your cup of tea -- these guys certainly aren't voting for Trump.
I just think that in general... people involved with professional sports teams should keep their politics to themselves. Owners and players.

Give the fans of your team what they want... entertainment and wins... nothing else.

It not political affiliation that turns me off, it's when that viewpoint is shoved in my face... which is the point of this thread.

Btw... how can you speak for all black NBA and NFL players by saying that they "certainly aren't voting for Trump"? Do you know all of them or just stereotyping? I am not saying that as a slam... just that it is such a generalization that if someone is black then they must be a liberal.

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