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Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
SMH, the guy used "Pocahontas" as a pejorative in the very same tweet... But go ahead and tell yourself whatever you need to if it helps you sleep better at night.
I'll give you the win on extent of vocabulary because I had to actually look up the definition of perjorative and it wasn't what I would have guessed.
perjorative: expressing contempt or disapproval

I will sleep better at night because I don't believe Trump was using Pocahontas as a racial slur. I do believe he was calling her that simply because she claimed to be Native American for over 20 years. I also believe Pocahontas is the only female Native American historical figure that Trump knows, heck I think she may be the only one that I know as well. So if my daughter decides to dress up as Pocahontas for Halloween, is she a racist now? By today's standards she is. Democrat politicians are being called out for black face when they dressed up as Michael Jackson in the 80's. I actually disagree with this. I view them as being fans of the King of Pop. His music went across all barriers of race, sex, and nationality. If some kid in 80's wanted to be MJ for one night and is now getting destroyed in this hyper-PC climate, that just doesn't seem right. Is it wrong to dress up as black face with malcontent? Yes, but being MJ and doing the moonwalk 30 years ago should not be held against you.

Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
He called white supremacists who MURDERED a girl "fine people" and you only think that was "stupid and moronic"??? Nah, dude -- Jessica Simpson being confused about tuna fish being called "chicken of the sea" was stupid and moronic... Trump siding with LITERAL Nazis should have been the line for *decent* people.
I think he should not have said that in any context. Are you saying that I'm a racist and nazi now because I didn't condemn it strong enough? Fine, that white supremacist should be given the needle and have it televised for all of America to see. Is that strong enough? Bring back public executions. Our nation is as blood thirsty as it has ever been so maybe seeing the results of evil actions will maybe prevent them in the future. I'm all for that. I have no problem with capital punishment when it fits the crime and this scenario definitely did. I believe that Trump went too far in this instance and his lack of politican experience showed. He did come back with a tweet saying "Racism is even and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups". It's definitely late and should have been the first thing he said, but it's not and I agree he royally screwed up there. Does this make him a card carrying KKK member? No I do not believe so. It was Trump on the twitter crack pipe.

Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
Actually, only 26% of eligible voters cast their vote for Trump (because most people don't vote)... His views don't even come close to representing a majority of this country.
I'm sure your view aligns with 99% of the people on this board and definitely with all of the late night talk show hosts. But I believe most of the american people want government to get out of the way, leave us alone and let us make/keep our money. Honestly, I'm not as versed in the details of what he's done but more of a general overview ... which I'm sure can be spun the other around to either discredit Trump and/or credit Obama.
Jobs are coming back into the US
Lowest unemployment in decades and lowest in history specifically for Africank-American
That has led to less people reliant on food stamps and the government
The economy and stock market has gone way up (and down and now back up) which helps my 401k so that I might actually be able to retire someday
Tax cuts have brought in more jobs which led to lower unemployent above.
We got out of the climate accord which was a complete joke for us.
Cut back on coal restriction to lower the cost of gas. I personally prefer $1.81 for gas instead of more than $3.
Created the Space Force ... yeah, hard to say that one with a serious face
Fought for a better deal with NAFTA
Is fighting with China to get better deals
Illegal Immigration has hopefully been reduced and I'm honestly hopefull that a wall gets built (this one probably labels me as racist)

Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
The Republicans controlled every branch of the government for the last 2 years, so he had plenty of opportunity to get his wall built... The only reason he waited until the Dems got control of Congress is because the wall has always been a stupid waste of money and the Republicans needed a scapegoat to get out of a misguided promise that he made on the campaign trail. Otherwise the wall would have already been funded.

Non-partisan sidenote: if you REALLY, REALLY wanted to secure the border, the best use of our money would be to coordinate with the Mexican military to completely wipe out the cartels, who have ruined Mexico's economy and forced their citizens to seek opportunity in the USA. Or you can legalize/regulate vice across the board and wipe out the black market demand that keeps them in business... But there's no money in a cure -- corporate farmers need their cheap labor and politicians need their boogeymen.
vice equals what exactly? Just marijuana? Well I don't think there is any stopping it at this point. What about cocain, heroine, meth? As for invading Mexico to help them clean up their own country? It sure sounds good but then how's it going for us in Afghanistan or other parts of the world? Didn't we try to help Venezuela and now they are even worse. Is Mexico asking for our help or are you just saying we should go do it? This is actually a valid topic of discussion and something we can agree on. Make Mexico Great Again and maybe it will secure our border which is something all of us (should) want. But all of that doesn't discredit a wall being a good starting point and was a political promise of the person who won the election. If democats are stopping it completely out of spite, then they are a discredit to the american population and should be kicked out of office.

Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
I'm gonna cut you off right there because you're not FORCED to defend Trump... He's a big boy who can defend himself. You're worried about how YOU'RE being perceived for supporting him. If someone calls him a Nazi, then you feel like they're calling you a Nazi... Don't tie your identity up in this guy (or any politician), it's not worth it.

Like I said earlier, if you're a better person than what comes out of Trump's mouth, then BE a better person. You don't have to "side" with him just because you voted for him. You don't have to "side" with him on every issue if you only agree with him on some issues. You don't have to "side" with him just because there's an (R) next to his name... But if you truly believe in all the vile shit he says, then OWN it... And if you DON'T, then distance yourself from it.

But stop trying to spin Trump into something he isn't -- he's straightforward about who he is, his supporters need to start doing the same.
I agree with this. Call him out. Make him own his stupidity and make up for it. But ... more at the bottom.

Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
If you think I'm going to ban you because of your political beliefs, then please allow me to clarify: I will NEVER ban anybody for having a difference of opinion, and I'm certainly not going to ban you over what you posted.

When I said "get the fuck off" I was referring to the Trump bandwagon, not I absolutely LOVE talking Mavs with you, and nothing that we argue about in this thread changes any of that.

What I meant is that if you're not 100% all-in on the shit Trump spews, then hop off the wagon... You don't need to choose a side; sometimes both sides are wrong.

Yeah, the Democrats aren't "my party" -- if Trump hadn't gotten the Republican nod, then I certainly wouldn't have voted for Hillary... The last time a Clinton was on the presidential ticket, I voted for Bob Dole (and I didn't vote for Obama either, in case you're wondering)... But I recognize the danger in a guy like Trump -- he's a narcissist, far more concerned with his "legacy" than with the American people, and he knows nothing about politics. We've known who this business-bankrupting, coke-snorting, womanizing fuckwit is for the last 50 years, it's not like he suddenly changed just because he decided to run for president.

And those blackface Democrats absolutely deserve to be raked over the coals... But no level of "whataboutism" changes the fact that Trump is pushing xenophobic policies that go against the nature of what it means to be an American. Let the fascists and commies conduct themselves that way -- we're supposed to be better than that.
I touched on black face earlier and maybe I'm wrong about my opinion (I could be), but that's just where I'm at right now until I hear valid arguments that it was wrong back in the 80s as a teenager wanting to be Michael Jackson for a night.

My Main Point in ALL of this:
THE ENTIRE reason I started this shit show with the meme is because I 100% without a doubt do not believe that Trump is Hitler. Yet, time after time after time after time after time, all I see in this board is Trump and a Hitler meme. I really don't believe he is a racist but also has not condemned racism nearly hard enough. I really do believe he has paid money to have sex with women. That one is not any different than Bill Clinton and wrong on both accounts. I do believe he is trying to push a republican agenda which I agree with a whole lot more than any of the current Democratic politicians who've announced their run for president.

When Obama was elected, I was excited to see the first black president. Race relations were actually pretty good at the time or at least getting better. I'm not delusional and say there wasn't racism and not things to work on, but the future looked bright. During Obama's eight years, we've degraded to where we are now and having to get a tv show entertainer and WWE personality elected as our president. Keep your opinion on if Obama was good, great, bad, or horrible but racial animosity is most definitely way higher that it was and still on the rise ... and that's both ways, don't think it's just white nationalists and KKK freaks.

When Trump was actually elected, I truly believed that was the end of the republican party and it would never win again. But looking at how far the left is going now, it's Hilary Clinton all over again times ten. There is no way I would vote for Hillary and I think a lot of Americans felt that way too. That left us with a Mr. WWE. Great, we've actually devolved into Idiocracy ... go watch the movie if you haven't seen it.

Until we stop dividing people by race, gender, sexual preference and getting everyone into a feeding frenzy, this fighting will never stop. Be different, be black, be white, be brown, straight, gay, whatever. Have your own opinion but we have to agree to disagree without hate. Hitler is the supreme example of hate. I was literally depressed all last night because of this. I was hoping I would get banned and not even have the option of coming back here, but that just perpetuates the hate. I can be white, male, christian and still show love to a black, gay, female. I don't agree with the lifestyle but I still have her in my house and offer up something to drink or eat. For the record, that is 100% true and has 100% happened.

I'm just asking to stop with the Hitler because in a christian viewpoint, he is the devil or the antichrist or the next worse thing to have existed on this planet. And to equate him to a person that I do share some views with and some I don't, you are calling me a literal demon. Where do we go from there? I once asked someone about terrorism, how do you talk with someone that literally only wants to kill you? You can't.
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