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Originally Posted by turin View Post
This is just complete garbage and purely conjecture. Did you even watch the game? Did you not see in the few minutes he played how he blocked the guy going in for a layup? He followed that up about 30 seconds later with a practically flat-footed rebound put-back for a score. Very few people drive the rim when he's in there, and as a result, he doesn't have the number of blocks people would expect. But make no mistake, just because his analytics don't reflect numbers you'd like to see does not mean he's not a rim protector. The guy is a 7'4" oak tree with a huge wing span standing in front of the rim. You're really going to take the position that he's not a rim protector? LMFAO!

End of game scenarios, you NEED defensive paint presence and rebounding. So what if Boban isn't the first guy down the floor on a fast break? At the end of the game, you play defense and get the rebound if there is one. No fast break needed here. No sprinting required if you've got the lead. If you don't have the lead, you either call a timeout or push the ball down the court to see about getting a quick shot off. Yeah, maybe Boban doesn't get back as quickly as you would like in this scenario, but I'll trade this scenario all day long with the one where he isn't in the game, and the other team gets a layup or a put-back off an offensive rebound and the Mavs have ZERO chance of winning.

This ridiculous line of thinking would have put Prime Shaq on the bench for situational work because the guy couldn't shoot FT's, much less 3-pt shots. That's just plain stupid imo. 3 or 4 guys who can shoot 3's is plenty to have on the court. Yeah, I know the numbers and #AnalyticsFTW, but don't discount versatility and balance. The way the game is played in the closing minutes is very different than the way the first 45 or so are played. There is a world of difference in the shots available.
I said the guy isn't suitable, not that he shouldn't have been in there last night.

The original point from DHWS was that WCS would have made a difference and I agreed but added that simply signing Mejri (opposed to Boban) would have been a simple solution to all of this because Rick would have put him in the game in that situation. Boban would have been better than getting dominated in the paint but in Rick's defense, I can see why he didn't put Boban in the game because Dedmon and Collins can shoot. He had limited options so he went small.

If you go back and look at my comment when Maxi fouled out, Maxi over because I knew Rick wasn't going to put Boban in the game. He most likely would have put WCS or Mejri in that situation.
Boban is simply a waste of roster spot because he won't be used unless there is another dominate low post go-to threat like Shaq, Malone, Hakeem or someone of that caliber.

But I can't agree with your point about Boban being a good defender just because he is 7'4"....not in today's game. He might be built like an oak tree but he also has the footspeed of one. He gets switched and he lacks the foot speed to recover. He stands and clogs the lane and that is one less defender to guard the multiple bigs that can stretch the floor. He's entertaining and a great guy to have on the roster but very limited and the reason why he's a journeyman.

I wish Rick would have put him in the game after Maxi fouled out but I can also understand why he didn't.

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