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Originally Posted by MavzMan View Post
Complain all you want about HB but he usually a reliable starter who led the team in ppg last season.
HB is a perfectly good player. He has completely EXCEEDED expectations. I really don't get the complaints about him.

Wes is someone we can afford to trade since DFS has really stepped up this year. We won't be getting anything for him though with him being in his last year of contract and a high salary. Rumors have already said that MBT has tried to him but has not gotten any takers, so it's highly unlikely for him to go even with teams that are looking for salary relief.
Fan base always likes to assume you can get something of value for trading your trash. GM's are (mostly) not that dumb. Wes's value IS his contract (expiring), plus locker room presence. So, what we'd get back is a similar contract that isn't expiring...or another contract somebody also wants to dump.

DJ is a great fit for this team and is #2 in RPG for the league. Yeah, his defense could be better but so could a lot of things on this young team.
Yep...Mavs FINALLY landed their big free agent. Trade him so soon? And...for what? Who would then play center?

DP is coming back down to earth in his stats but he's a little over priced for his next year $10.2 million salary.

Next year's salary commitment is HB (25), DP (10.2), Luke (7.6), DSJ (4.4), DFS (1.9), Maxi (1.8) and Brunson (1.4).
Yes, Mavs have plenty of cap room, even without unloading Wes.

We need quality vets and good coaching/mentoring for Luka and DSJ ... which is exactly what we have. Hopefully pick up a really nice fit with our salary cap next year along with players we keep, then we'll be sitting nicely.
Qaulity vets is soemthing the MBT has always been good at acquiring. Are we at that stage? Certainly one or two (Pat Beverly?)...but should that be the focus, or should it be on acquiring more young talent. Were DSJ going to be here I would agree its vets. If not...I think maybe we need to enhance the young core.

For the first time in a really, really .... really ... long time, I hope no trades are done except for no-brainers and we stick with who we have.
I don't think sticking with what we have is an option. Lots of talk about moving WM, and DSJ. That's 40% of our starting lineup. DSJ talk is due to him not being a good fit, so that makes moving him a priority--although there isn't thought that he's a bust, just not the best fit here...indicating if we don't get good offers, we would probably be best keeping him. DSJ's numbers have actually improved this year, in terms of shooting percentages, etc. It's just the advanced analytics that show his fit on the team isn't ideal.

We also need to think about Barea's injury :-( , and what that means both for this year, and going forward. That might impact thinking on DSJ as well.
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