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<< OK, it's starting to get like Mavstalk in here (18 and under).

You guys that think you are talking punk with bands like Refused, Hellacopters, TOD, and INC? None of the above is true and it pisses me off that these bands try to claim that it is. Punk is dead, has been for years. This it new punk, trance, hardcore industrial, whatever...but it ain't punk.

Wow you really are a music snob.
This is new punk, listen to it before you comment on it. It's not Offspring, it's not Green Day (I nearly choked on my breafkfast cerial when i read them refered to as real punk) it's not Sum 41.

You want to talk real punk, fine lets talk about the Stooges, lets talk about Television lets talk about how Richard Hell was the very essence of punk. Lets talk about how the Sex Pistols were the 1st manufactured boy band.

The only way this place is going to turn into mavtalk is when people start bitching at others, even if they're carrying a relevant, friendly conversation.
I was really starting to enjoy this thread.[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif[/img]


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