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Originally Posted by Bryan_Wilson View Post
What a terrible situation. The Sneed stuff I can't even understand Cuban's bs reasoning with that for keeping him. That's absolutely ridiculous. And as for the decade long shit storm of crap that apparently went on with the business and hr side of the organization... I find it hard to believe Cuban didn't know anything there for that long. Not one person sent an email to him making him aware? Just something to make him take a look at the environment over there? Cuban is actually very involved with emails. He will read and respond to a fair amount. So I find it hard to believe he didn't get wind of anything for the 15years "T" worked there. I do think he didn't know the extent of the issue though. But not making excuses for him. He's embarrassed and he should be. Saying he didn't know about this, and for how long this has been an issue, that's not something he should feel good about at all.

Having said that there is a near 0% chance they take the Mavs pick if this is the end of the story. The only way we forfeit a pick imo is if there is proof of Cuban's involvement or proof he was implicitly aware of the work conditions and chose to do nothing, and even cover it up. I hate to say it but the fact that this isn't from the basketball side of things also means I'm pretty sure picks will not be involved. If this type of behavior was going on in the actual locker room then I could see that being a possibility then. The reason I think the pick isn't involved is because on the business side there are better ways to punish then a pick and a pick hurts the basketball side more than the actual people in the wrong. By all accounts our locker room was the total opposite thank God.
I wouldn't say a 0% chance... I think the chances are slim..very slim.. but I wouldn't say a 0% chance. Let's find out who knew what and what all went on first.
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