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Originally Posted by AO41 View Post
So I think we agree on more than we think.

1. The game has gone mostly in the direction that you mentioned but I think there are a few teams with biog men who don't shoot 3s that have proven that it can be successful.

2. I agree that he is slightly overpaid, but I still think you have to take into account age and overall skill/ impact. MOST importantly, our current situation and that Adams really cant hurt us financially because he has 2 more years (2021). I see more positives in that as well. If he does really well, then we have an advantage is resigning him when the time comes maybe to a team friendly deal and eh will be 28 and in his prime. If not, we get the cap space or look at other options.

3. I get some of those advanced stats and number and sometimes they are absolutely right, I think the eye test can be a good thing as well sometimes and a player like Adams IMO looks good already but if we put him in a different situation (away from RW), I feel like he would only improve. I would be curious about some of his stats when he was playing with RW and KD, although I think hes a better player now then he was years ago.

4. he is 25 and it would not surprise me at all if OKC wanted to hang on to him. A hard working, no drama kind of guy fits well in many places. If they decide to keep CP3 (even with his decline), I have already said that a lineup of CP3, SGA, Gallinari and Adams would not be bad at all and in fact I think Adams might benefit the most.

5. I think, based on what I have seen Adams overall skill set is pretty good and that he moves well in pick and rolls on offense, moves well without the ball and generally moves well on offense and defense.I think he is a willing and good (maybe not very good) passer. Obviously he is physical and rebounds well.

My argument always circles back to his age, what I THINK his fit/ skill set would be here, and the fact that its for 2 years and doesn't impact our current situation in a negative way in almost any scenario. At the same time, IF things work out well, we have a starting C pretty much for a good portion of Luka and KPs primes.
First, to DavidDaMonkey's question. Honestly I don't know, because I don't know if the Mavs value him at just any price. I will tell you that Valanciunas has a brand new contract and is a similar player. He is 10 million dollars cheaper, and has better statistics all across the board. So that tells you something.

AO41, we probably do mostly agree. However, I'm willing to accept the fact that the FO has a vision that doesn't include centers that literally stay inside the paint on offense.

It doesn't much matter what I wish to be true. As a fan I have to decide if I'm willing to share the Mavs FO vision or not. If I am, then not pursuing Steven Adams makes sense and I'm OK with it.

Clearly the Mavs failed on getting a better wing player, so i'm disappointed in that. But the center position, not so much. My guess is they had factored in Powell as the starter already.

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