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Originally Posted by endrity
In fact Sheed shoots jumpers, spend little time on the block, is prone to many mental mistakes that cost his team (Game 5, 2005 Finals) yet all you hear about him is praise. KG isn't really a dominating force on the block either, does his damage from 10-15 feet mostly, kind of like the new Dirk. He has barely achieved any success with his teams, but he yells and screams. So he is tough. It's all about the rep that people wanna give you, and Euros in basketball will always be 'soft' cause they can't dunk like black American players.

Here's a great example I just though of. A couple of weeks ago there was a podcast on ESPN. It was a lengthy interview, discussion, between Bill Simmons and Rich Bucher (I realize people will say Rich has always hated Dirk and the Mavs but he is in the national media that spreads the rep around). They are talking about the West race, and then the conversation turns to Gasol and the Lakers. Who is their worst matchup, and Simmons says it's gotta be the Spurs. Bucher says it's true on theory, but he spend some time talking to Memphis coaches and they said that Gasol does well against Duncan. However he gets shredded by Amare and.... Dirk. Bill Simmons says that is true, he has seen it in both cases. And when Simmons admits that about Dirk, Bucher says "Yeah, go figure that one out right". I was like what the f......???? Where have you been you f.... moron. Have you seen the 06 playoffs, cause I know you could care less about international ball. And what the hell is that supposed to mean. Dirk is a top2 player at his position, and you say it's tough to understand how he owns other players that play there????

It was a huge sign of disprespect, and one that BS didn't even try to argue. That is what the media is telling people about Dirk this year. How come I never even hear his name in MVP dicussions after what he has done the last month. The Mavs are right there in the West, Dirk is playing amazing, but somehow Paul, McGrady, Bryant all get mentioned and Dirk doesn't even warrant a top 10 place??? But Dwight Howard does???
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to endrity again.

You are a freakin genius Endrity, great points you made right there.
I hope other people take the time to read this post, an example of this is Tracy Mcgrady, Kevin Garnett and Carmelo. All of those dudes have not achieved much for their teams but because each possess a certain characteristic that the media likes they are allowed to slide. Both Mcgrady and Melo have not won a playoff series ever but because they are flashy you barely hear anything about them. And also they can never be considered "soft" because they are black(no racism intended).

Garnett is freakin annoyin imo, he's a great player and i love his intensity but most of the time he acts like a freakin wwf wrestler during games. He's banging water bottles on his head, talkin $hitt to himself and other opponents Acting wild and crazy during games. He's been in the league for freakin 13 years and hasn't won jack$hitt and all you will hear is that he is a "warrior" from the media and fans.

Dirk singlehandedly carried his team into the finals in 2006 and if not for that bastard D-fake and bastard refs Dirk would have a ring. Yet he is criticized for being the reason why the mavs lost, how can Dirk be getting pounded by Haslem with no call and wade shooting Ft at every touch be a fair series? I still can't understand how wade shot 97 freethrows! Well I guess we will have to live with Dirk being called soft for a long time, even when Dirk wins his ring I bet you some fools will say it's a fluke and that he is still soft.
Monta Ellis is an All-Star.

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