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Community Standards
Dallas-Mavs.com Terms of Use

By using Dallas-Mavs.com, you automatically signify your agreement with the following Community Standards.

Community Standards

At Dallas-Mavs.com, we take great pride in building and maintaining a community where diverse, intelligent and respectful sports discussion between members can thrive. The following Community Standards outline both generally and specifically indicates what we feel are appropriate guidelines to preserve the highest quality online experience. We encourage you to read our Community Standards before joining our site. Thanks for doing your part in helping to keep Dallas-Mavs.com a great place for Mavs fans to connect.

Our General Principles:

We expect that all members of Dallas-Mavs.com will behave in a way that’s conductive to the diversity, intelligence and respectfulness of the community. Each of these three general principles is fundamental to the quality of this site.

Diversity – We here at Dallas-Mavs.com are a community of hundreds of fans from different backgrounds and with different perspectives on sports and life. This includes fans of different ages, sex, religions and beliefs. At all times, we expect our members to respect that.

Intelligence – We’re a community with quality standards and we expect our members to make a sincere effort to contribute their thoughts on interesting subjects in a meaningful and respectful manner. Posting messages and otherwise interacting on Dallas-Mavs.com is completely optional; many members often prefer to just read what others have to say. But if you do post, we expect that you’ll be respectful of the time of others by posting meaningfully.

Respectfulness – We require our members to show respect for others. Respecting their person, their time and their opinions – even if you disagree with them. Respect also includes respecting the right of Dallas-Mavs.com administrators and moderators to make judgments and enforce these Community Standards.

Basic Guidelines:

The following seven categories of online conduct are unacceptable at Dallas-Mavs.com and constitute a violation of our Community Standards which may result in a warning, suspension or loss of membership. It's important to note that these guidelines are applicable everywhere on Dallas-Mavs.com including within our Chat and Private Messaging, and Reputation comment features:

Harassment -- Harassment occurs when a member insults, attacks, and denigrates another member at any time. Harassment also occurs when one member sends Reputation comments to another member after being placed on the receiving member's Ignore list. Even though we realize that sports discussions can get intense, we have zero tolerance for taking an argument about a sports topic to a personal level. For instance, the use of terms such as "idiot, moron, stupid" and other derogatory terms constitutes harassment. Harassment not only includes individuals but also can apply to insults against others teams, players and groups of Dallas-Mavs.com members. Repeated critical, condescending and/or sarcastic posts toward a forum member can also constitute harassment. The inclusion of board members usernames in ones signature constitutes harassment as well.

Disruption -- Posts which intend to disrupt the topic of conversation or steer the topic away from the focus of the forum and related news. Disruption can include harassment, multiple posting of the same post and posting completely off topic messages.

Multiple Personalities -- Dallas-Mavs.com members are required to use one and only one Username. Creating multiple user accounts is a violation of the Terms of Use and would result in a suspension and/or permanent banning of the users account.

Vulgarity and Sexual Explicitness -- As a community with a diverse variety of members and readers, we ask that our members to post without using vulgarity. Vulgarity not only includes vulgar language and pictures but also sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language which may offend other members. In addition, the "masking" of vulgarity by inserting * or another keystroke in place of one or more letters in a vulgar term is acceptable in most cases. However, all uses of vulgarity are open to editing or deletion by moderators. We realize that there's a "grey area" of judgment with vulgarity but we ask that you'll respect others by avoiding vulgarity and our right to determine what constitutes it and take appropriate action.

Solicitation -- Refrain from using Dallas-Mavs.com's forums or chat to advertise your site, items for sale, commercial services or website. You may attach a short link to your site within your profile or signature.

Spamming -- Spamming is the multiple posting of an identical or similar post on one or more of our Forums.

Copyrighted Material -- You may post links to appropriate articles but posting articles from other sources in their entirety, without having given credit to the source, is a violation of the Terms of Use. Use your best judgment, since you agree to the Terms of Use to be held legally responsible for your own posts on this system.

Please bear in mind that these are only guidelines; there is always a "grey area" and we understand that. Use your best judgment. If you have any questions about our Community Standards as they apply to specific cases, you can always contact the site administrator or ask a moderator. Note that if you would like to express a concern about the judgment and enforcement of Community Standards by any particular moderator, please contact administration privately.

4-Strike Policy

If any member is in violation of any portion of the Dallas-Mavs.com Community Standards, a moderator has the right to hand out a strike if he/she deems it necessary. Refer to the outline below for more info on the strikes system. To put it simply, after the fourth strike, the member's account will be permanently deactivated. Strikes will only be issued for what we consider to be extreme cases (in most instances, the mods will discuss the situation collectively before making a final decision).

  • Strike 1: warning by a Dallas-Mavs.com moderator
  • Strike 2: one-week account deactivation
  • Strike 3: one-month account deactivation
  • Strike 4: permanent account deactivation

Thanks for reading our Community Standards! We now invite you to join our community of thousands at Dallas-Mavs.com!

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