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Originally Posted by DevinHarriswillstart View Post
Middlteton and Holiday aren't superstars though. If the Mavs can't get talent like that, then sure, Luka leaves. Don't think those type of players are unobtainable though. Guess we'll see what Nico does.
They're not superstars but they're stars. Everyone thinks of a super team with 3 superstars like the Nets those don't happen very often. But just having a superstar and two stars makes you a contender. I wouldn't just assume we're going to get that because that's not easy to obtain either.

My point was if I'm Luka I'm not just going to say "Giannis won and stayed on his team, I'm good I'm staying here no matter what" no, the Mavericks front office have a job to do and if they do it stay if not at some point he's gone and as we've seen with players there comes a point where you don't even blame the player for wanting out. AD wasn't going to win in New Orleans, Dame although older isn't winning in Portland. People blamed KD for joining GS but they didn't blame him for leaving Russ so much. So to me it's not just up to Luka if Luka stays, it's up the Mavs get the right players around him.

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