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Originally Posted by Dtownsfinest View Post
Middleton is a #1 on NO team let's stop this....I'd even argue he's not even a #2 on a championship team....he's just not consistent enough. He goes in these spurts where he looks like the best player on the court but when its the game on the line that's Giannis.

Guys like Middleotn and True Holiday were out there for the Mavs to get if they wanted too. Brook Lopez too. Bobby Portis......Bucks built a great team, from a great culture and with a great superstar.
You are the most garbage poster here. Middleton is not #2 on a championship team? Then wtf did we just see are you saying he's not the 2nd best player on his team when it's widely accepted that he is? Get the f out of here you're not who you're portraying to be you're a guy laughing behind his computer you're trolling I see it because no one can be this stupid over and over. Middleton hit the clutch shot in OT in Game 7 vs Nets AND last night in the last minute to seal the deal. He is the Bucks closer. He is legit and unless you just don't know basketball you know this because again you're trolling.

Middleton averages about 20 ppg with 41% from 3 over 50% from 2, 5 assists a game for this last season and similar numbers the last 4 seasons and great defense you do no research and just use your eye test probably needing glasses or better glasses and say "nah that guy isn't very good" You're a joke. If he didn't have Giannis taking the ball a lot (which is justified) he could average 25 on another team and be the #1, not a contender but several teams that are in the lottery I guarantee would love to have him and make him #1. He is a multi time all star there is nothing anyone with any sense would say bad about him and here you are.

Middleton was never available he said he and Giannis were different and not leaving to other teams and they didn't. Like over half the shit you say you make up that's why I know you're trolling I'm on to you troll. You probably think we could have traded Boban for him.

And it's JRUE Holiday, again stupid.

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