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Hi guys,

Have you read about the last news? Obviously, yes. If I know the last news from the other side of the swimming pool, you have more data than me.

Basically, I would like to know your opinion about the current rumors.

Clint Capela. There are several news about a trade with Dallas. In my opinion, it wasn't his best season. He hasn't shoot range and he is not the smartest guy on the court. However, he is very good pick&roll player, rebounder and ring protector. In my opinion, he is a perfect fit to play with Doncic and Porzingis.
About the trade. What can Dalls offer? Lee+2025 first pick+2019 second pick? It it is enough, where do we sign?????

Powell. I have read that he reject the player option but he wants to continue in Dallas. It means that Dallas will re-sign him using a bird exception. Thus, Dallas will have 10M more for the cap. Great!!!

Klever and DFS. They have to be renewed yes or yes. Dallas can use a no-bird exception and bird exception for each one. Could be a great deal and Dallas keeps the cap space for free agent period.

PG first line. I don't like Kemba Walker. I'm sorry. I think that he isn't the best fit for Luka. He needs ball like a yo-yo to be productive. He is not a great defender and his shoot range sucks. I think that Luka needs another diferent kind of animal. My proposal:
Patrick Beverley or Ricky Rubio
They are great defenders. They don't need ball on atack. Good shoot % with stop feet. Ricky has a higher IQ but he will ask around 18-20M first year contract. Patrick is cheaper (this year was 5M. I suppose he will ask for 10M).

All-in guy. A max salary guy. An all-star. The man is Kwail Leonard Is it diffcult? Yes. But, why not?

And finally. SG, good defender, shoot range, points in the pocket, around 5M cap. My bet: Reggie Bullock (2,5M this year).

If the Capela rumor were right. If Leonard signed with Dallas. Dallas would be a amazing playoff team 19-20 season.

First line:
Great defense. 3 guys with more than 20ppg. Rebound ensured. Crazy miss match in attack. Mortal pick&roll and pick&pop.


I don't like Hardaway. He is really over paid. He is not consistent game after game. His defense sucks. However, for a 12th role where you can put him on the court 5 minuts, check if he has the hand hot and if it works, go ahead, is it not work? get out and move the towel the rest of the game.

What do you think? Is all a wet dream from my side? Could be possible?

Best Regards,
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