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jay3189 is just really nicejay3189 is just really nicejay3189 is just really nicejay3189 is just really nicejay3189 is just really nicejay3189 is just really nice
Default I'm Tired Of The Bullshit

The NFL is looking real bad right now. Last year it was the Aaron Hernandez murder situation, this year we have the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald domestic abuse, Adrian Peterson child abuse, Josh Gordon weed situation and Wes Welker PEDs. after seeing those pictures of Adrian Peterson's son with those scars on his skin, I am disturbed. I understand disciplining your kid, but there is a limit, when you leave scars on someone's body, you are going too far. I can't remember the last time a sports league had so much off the court/field issues happening so frequent. Unfortunately in this world, rape, murder, abuse will always happen. I think sport leagues should come down harder on these players with their STUPID, INHUMANE actions. For example, if a player has been caught taking drugs, after the 3rd time, he or she should be banned from the league. If you want to be dumb enough to keep making the same BIG mistakes, even after you got a warning from the league, you should be banned and taught a valuable lesson. You can have all the talent and charisma in the world, but if you want to choose drugs, alcohol, etc over your career, then when your ass gets kicked out of the league, just deal with it. You made your bed, now lay in it. I believe Adrian Peterson should be suspended after those pictures came out. There is no excuse for taking things that far, there are different way to punish your kid. The whole point of punishing your kid is to let them learn from their mistakes, but YOU CAN'T get to the point of critically damaging them physically or emotionally.
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