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Default Are the rules for everyone or selective enforcement

Full disclosure time:

I have posted what amounts to some offensive material to some on this board. Namely recently elluding to the use of a controversial term.

For that I apologize.

Now that we have that settled, I noticed that we have a sleu of posts that are offensive on this board and I was curious, is the enforcement of the board rules applied to everyone or is only selective enforcement.

For a refresher, here are the rules for this board that I copied from the opening thread in this section:

The following will not be tolerated(resulting in your post being deleted):
1. Cursing at a poster.
2. Name calling. (this includes calling someone an idiot/libidiot/moron/etc...)
3. Posting a reply after you were called a name in which you call the offending poster a name as well.
4. Quoting a post in which any of the above rules were broken (If you want to respond to a valid point of a post that contains an offense, just edit out the offense from the quote before you post your reply.)

Now personally I don't care about personal post attacks, heck I don't care about name calling. But when I see some posts removed and others not, I see rules that are selectively enforced and thus the perception that this board or those who govern/moderate this board have an agenda that is tainted to their own personal views.

I'm calling this board out for it's obvious hate filled dialect...Yes, I am calling myself out as I have participated in this way on some of the various threads.

I would urge the moderators to view these threads from the view of those being victimized.

Beit Liberal, Conservative, Faith Based, Non-Faith Based, Cultural Background, or any other "Label" that we put on someone or something that becomes the Butt of the joke or reference within a post.

There must be -0- tolerance for violations, but currently there appears to be selective tolerance which only serves to fuel the emotions behind the negative spin that various posters, including myself have taken.

At the end of the day, for the most part we are all honorable people with good intensions, but I do see that we are all frustrated with what we see taking place. Regardless of which side of a debate that we are on, we see the other side as evil and a destructive force to our way of life. Thus we are very sensitive and defensive to our values.

I believe someone has stated that what we joke about with our buddies at the water cooler is not what should be posted on this board. I actually agree with this statement and I wonder if the moderators will do a better job of screening each and every thread...or if it is time to take a drastic stand and shut down the Political Board in order to turn posters attention to Mav related topics and leave this type of discussion to another board?

By the way, I am not calling any specific individual out, we all know who your are...I have on this post called myself out for participating.

I'm curious to see if anyone else is willing to humble themselves and admit that they too are a part of the problem, then perhaps we can do something with our own respective characters and posting abilities in order to enrich this section and make it a productive part of this board.

Now that would be Change that I could support.

Go ahead blast away...who's human enough to admit their part in this fiasco?
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