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Default Cuban says we'll be fine without JB. Will we?


To clarify, he specified easy to make up the scoring. Given the addition of Wood, and the return of THJ, I think that's probably true, without anyone else even stepping up their game (which Dinwiddie should now do as well). Mavs likely a HIGHER scoring team now. But that's not all JB offered.

I think it will come down to how well Dinwiddie can replace JB. He has the skills for it, and he had the same type of playoff run in NY that JB had last year. Then he got hurt--ACL. Likely still working back into full playing shape after that. He showed flashes of being back during those playoffs, but pretty sporadic. Some of that likely due to JB's play. So, Dinwiddie needs to step up. He has the skills for it. He's taller and more athletic than JB. Better overall defender (although JB was a charge drawing master). Basically, JB is like the poster child of making the most of what you have...but there are players, like Dinwiddie, who have more to start with, they just need to maximize it.

Different question, but how will JB likely due in NY? The Athletic had a good article on this. JB was actually playing at a $30M/year level at the end of last year, BUT will he be able to sustain that? One factor no one is talking about is the Knicks are a vastly different team, with a vastly different playstyle, than the Mavs. The Mavs spacing created lots of room for JB to penetrate, as everyone else was out on the perimeter. That will not be the case at all in NY. Also, teams were already catching up on how to defend him during the playoffs. To his credit, he seemed to adjust to that, but teams will now all have an offseason to game plan for him. I suspect that will hinder him. Don't wish him ill will at all---he did what he thought was best for him. All good..and Mavs similarly decided the price was too steep...also all good. But there are lots of players that have great years 1 place, go to another place, and never replicate it. Similar example for Mavs...how did Barea do when he left the Mavs? Struggled. And he's someone whose size/playstyle pretty comparable to JB. Don't know that the Knicks will regret their move, but I also don't know that it will pan out as well as they think/hope. But JB has been overcoming obstacles his whole career, so maybe just another one.

This just in: Donovan Mitchell possibly heading to the Knicks.

Wouldn't that be ... ironic. Back in the same spot with NYK as he was with the Mavs?

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